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Stockton Traffic Control Rental EquipmentWhen it comes to Sacramento traffic control rental equipment, Capitol Barricade knows what will work best for virtually any given situation. Many people who need rental equipment aren’t sure exactly what will be required for their specific project or needs. Having been in the business for over 40 years, we guarantee to have what you need, and our technicians can make sure we get it out to you.

In Sacramento, traffic control rental equipment parking lot striping stencils, water filled barricades, MUTCD signs, and Ver Mac portable traffic signals can all be found at Capitol Barricade.

With so much experience, we understand just how important proper traffic control really is. A subpar barricade or low visibility sign can literally mean the difference between life or death. Something of lesser importance, but also necessary, is the protection of property, including vehicles, equipment, and building structures. Our traffic control rental equipment will help ensure the safety of both people and property, providing the visual and sensory signals many people need to drive safely. If an accident does occur, our portable barricades can absorb impact of the vehicle and redirect it safely away from workers and pedestrians.

For all of your Sacramento traffic control rental equipment needs, contact Capitol Barricade today.

The Importance of Sacramento Traffic Control

It’s no secret: everybody hates heavy traffic. Whether you’re being substantially slowed down due to some sort of roadside construction event, or rerouted because of a simple fender-bender accident on a main road, such circumstances are enough to put us all in a bad mood. Too often, people look at the various portable barricades, pavement [...]