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Sacramento Traffic Control SignsIn Sacramento, traffic control signs are a major necessity given our often high amounts of traffic. At Capitol Barricade, we offer a wide variety of traffic control signs. We have many of the most commonly required signs on reserve at our traffic supply store. These include:

  • Stop
  • Yield
  • Speed limit signs
  • One way
  • No U-Turn
  • School Zone
  • Handicapped parking only
  • And many more along those lines

However, if you need something a bit more out of the ordinary or custom, we can create it for you in no time using our custom CNC router. This is a precise and highly efficient, computer-controlled cutting machine. This router allows us to create virtually any sign imaginable. Simply let us know what you need, or send us an image via email, and we will get it out to you as quickly as possible.

Our Sacramento traffic control signs also include road marking stencils. Whether you need them for a parking lot, city street, or work zone area, we either have what you need, or can create it in no time. We offer:

For all of your traffic control stencil needs, Capitol Barricade has you covered.

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