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Sacramento Traffic ControlIn Sacramento, traffic control rental equipment and plans are commonly required to accommodate road side construction projects and work zones of all kinds. They are also needed for the repair and replacement of old, worn out signs, parking lot stencils, and other forms of traffic control equipment.

California traffic control is no small task. The ramifications of improper traffic control can have disastrous consequences on both people and property. The simple difference between a well-made and illuminate traffic barricade and one that is subpar can result in life changing consequences. Too many people settle for rental equipment and plans that are merely “good enough”. However, when you choose our products and services, you can expect equipment that is in full compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Capitol Barricade has been in the business for over 40 years. At this point, we’ve seen it all. At our traffic supply store in Sacramento, we offer barricades, cones, signs, stencils, and traffic control plans of all kinds. We also offer expert advice, and can help you set up and execute traffic control plans for your next big project.

Plans for Traffic Control

Contact Us for Traffic Control Products and Services! What are traffic control Plans? At times, traffic needs to be diverted or changed for a project or maybe an accident. This is where traffic control plans come into play. Capitol Barricade is a licensed contractor for traffic control plans. These plans will include flagging, set up, [...]

The Importance of Sacramento Traffic Control

It’s no secret: everybody hates heavy traffic. Whether you’re being substantially slowed down due to some sort of roadside construction event, or rerouted because of a simple fender-bender accident on a main road, such circumstances are enough to put us all in a bad mood. Too often, people look at the various portable barricades, pavement [...]