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California Sign Shop stencilsNeed California traffic stencils for our parking lot or work zone? Capitol Barricade has everything you need.

Our pavement stencils can be made to create the custom designs you need at our sign shop using our CNC router. We will get your stencils out to you quickly and efficiently.

Our California Sign Shop stencils will give you the regulatory control that you need.

Sacramento Parking Lot Stencils

Contact Us Today for Quality Parking Lot Stencils! If you have ever been in a parking lot, which should be all of us, you have most likely seen the crisp edged painted signs on the pavement. When you look at those signs, you may wonder how the lines are so clean and how the painted [...]

The Importance of Sacramento Traffic Control

It’s no secret: everybody hates heavy traffic. Whether you’re being substantially slowed down due to some sort of roadside construction event, or rerouted because of a simple fender-bender accident on a main road, such circumstances are enough to put us all in a bad mood. Too often, people look at the various portable barricades, pavement [...]

Pavement Stencils In Sacramento, CA

There are numerous reasons for the application of stencils on public roads, driveways, or private and public parking lots. Stencils are crucial for traffic control, providing drivers with the visual cues they need to maintain safety and order. With Capitol Barricade, you will get the pavement stencils in Sacramento that will fulfill all of these [...]

How To Use Traffic Stencils

Traffic stencils are an affordable and easy way to mark roadways and parking lots for pedestrians and roadway users alike. Traffic stencils are usually made from Thermalized aluminum sheets or polymer plastic sheets and can be cut into different shapes and designs as desired. Learning how to use traffic stencils on concrete or asphalt will [...]