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California Barricades: Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Drivers Around Hazardous Areas

When should you use California barricades? As a layperson driving the roads, you have probably seen many California barricades on the road in various circumstances. Just driving by these barricades will not tell the full story as to how barricades are used in different situations. On the other hand, if you are a construction worker …

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Plans for Traffic Control

What are traffic control Plans? At times, traffic needs to be diverted or changed for a project or maybe an accident. This is where traffic control plans come into play. Capitol Barricade is a licensed contractor for traffic control plans. These plans will include flagging, set up, tear down and maintenance of any work zone …

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Using Road Stencils for Any Need

Picking the Right Paint Just like any other painting surface in life, there are certain paints that work better than others when using road stencils. Certain paints will have a better chance of adhering to asphalt. It is crucial that the paint adheres properly or there may not be any longevity to your paintings. When …

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Portable Traffic Signs

When are portable traffic signs used? Portable traffic signs can be found in numerous locations. These signs are convenient for road workers or cities to divert traffic. Portable traffic signs still have the same color, symbol, and shape as stationary signs, but have the convenience of being able to be used at multiple locations. This …

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California Traffic Signs

What is the history of traffic signs? Getting a glimpse into the history of the California traffic signs and traffic signs in general will help you appreciate the creation of these signs. When you are out driving in your vehicle, the chances that you notice traffic signs are slim to none, especially if it is …

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Road Signs in California

What are the different types of California road signs? Being out on the road in California, will create many driving situations. Understanding a California road sign is important to have a safe and enjoyable driving experience. It is important to know the differences in all the road signs that you will encounter. You should know …

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