Portable Traffic Signs

When are portable traffic signs used?

Portable Traffic Signs

Portable traffic signs can be found in numerous locations. These signs are convenient for road workers or cities to divert traffic. Portable traffic signs still have the same color, symbol, and shape as stationary signs, but have the convenience of being able to be used at multiple locations. This is a way for your state to keep you safe without spending the money to put in permanent signs that will eventually have to be moved. Capitol Barricade can provide you with a portable sign that you need. These signs can vary from parking lot use to road construction.

If you have ever been around road work, you know that chaos can ensue. This is often caused by the lane changes and having to navigate through a seemingly unending number of orange cones. Without the assistance of portable traffic signs, you would be left to your own best judgment or the judgment of a road worker, either way it could cause for a hazardous driving situation. In order to use these signs, there are certain rules that have to be followed.

Impact Recovery discusses some proper ways and some reasons for using these signs. Stationary traffic signs are beneficial to the safety of millions of people. Although, the introduction of powered traffic lights are more precise and easier to see. So the safety that comes from a powered traffic light are leaps and bounds ahead of their stationary sibling.

However, sometimes the power goes down or hazards occur and there needs to be a non-technological intervention. Some of these situations can come from a typical blackout, a dangerous storm, or a need to avoid certain streets where an accident has occurred. There may be some additional uses for using portable traffic signs discussed by Impact Recovery, such as:

  • There has been new road construction and no powered traffic signs have been installed. During these times, portable signs are a viable option. Often it is suggested that these stationary signs should be used with flashing lights. This will allow additional notice to a driver that they will not get with an unlighted sign.
  • Temporary changes in traffic due to road work. Portable signs may be used at mandatory stops or to direct traffic.
  • Accidents at time can break a permanent sign. For example, a wreck may occur that damages a traffic sign. In this instance, a portable sign may be used to fix the temporary problem.
Portable Traffic Signs

In addition to specific situations where these signs are used, there are also requirements for placing the signs that include their size, position, and time. The size of the portable sign will depend on what it is being used for. For example, a sign that faces multiple lanes has to be larger than a sign that only faces a single lane. Looking at this example makes sense. You would want larger portable traffic signs with multiple lanes to avoid an accident. Larger signs must also be used when the speed limit is higher. Another important approach is the location of the sign. The sign has to be placed in the most ideal location for visibility.

With these requirements in mind, there will be free flowing traffic and a lack of car accidents. Portable traffic signs definitely have an important part in our country’s transportation system. Without them we would be left with confusing and dangerous situations on the road. These signs can be used in many circumstances. However, these signs are only helpful if they are durable and long lasting. A flimsy, low quality sign and stand can cause more harm than protection.

The Importance of Having Quality Portable Traffic Signs

Without quality, portable traffic signs would not provide the protection and safety that they are supposed to. Durability is extremely important for this type of a sign. Often these signs are used when mother nature has wreaked havoc. Strong winds and elements may still be beating down, so these signs need to be made of quality material with an extremely stable base.

Capitol Barricade makes these signs out of a durable aluminum material. Aluminum has amazing characteristics. It can avoid corrosion or rust based upon its molecular makeup. Also, depending on how it was created it can at times be stronger than steel. It is also a lot lighter than steel, which makes it a lot easier to transport and set up. Overall, it is important that these signs are made out of the strongest and lightest material.

These signs are precise in their dimensions. As discussed above, dimensions may have to vary even though the sign, symbol, and color remain the same. For example, a stop sign placed on a road where multiple lanes have to use it will be larger than a single lane road. Usually, these signs will be a few inches larger in situations that present more danger to the drivers. The size of the sign used in a given situation may be specified by law. So when it comes to a precise cut and measurement, it will be important. Capitol Barricade uses incredibly precise cnc machines to cut all of their portable traffic signs. A cnc machine allows for a precise cut that leaves nice, concise lines on every sign. These machines also ensure consistency from one sign to the next.

Portable signs will also be equipped with reflective backing. Just like stationary signs, portable signs will utilize reflective technology. This technology changed the transportation landscape by giving warning to a vehicle operator. Placed at the correct position on the road and correct angle will allow the light projected from your car to reflect back to you.

You will indeed know that there is a street sign ahead. If the location has a high probability for more accidents or chaos, then a portable sign with the use of LED lights may be used. These lights add security to an intersection or roadwork. Often these signs are powered using solar energy. If you have ever driven past one of these lights, then you most likely noticed a small solar panel somewhere on the sign. These flashing lights are crucial for a difficult road work driving situation when it is night. You will be able to notice the flashing lights miles away from the sign.

All the features of these signs are designed to protect drivers. The reason for portable traffic signs is to bring organization and safety to a more dangerous traffic area. Our traffic sign system started 100 years ago. It was designed to provide order when driving. Order essentially will equal safe driving conditions for everyone. When things happen that cause a dangerous driving environment, portable signs will be put in place immediately and temporarily to assist drivers in making good decisions.

Contacting Experts for Help with Traffic Signs that are Portable

Capitol Barricade most likely will have stock that they can get to you quickly for any of your traffic sign needs. Whether you are trying to get signs for the county that you live in or you are wanting a portable sign for your own parking lot, they can get you the sign that you need at your specifications. You should contact us for any questions you have concerning a portable sign.

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