Rental Traffic Control Equipment in Sacramento

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We’ll Keep Your Work Zone Safe & Efficient

Rental Traffic Control Equipment in SacramentoFor all of your required rental traffic control equipment in Sacramento, Capitol Barricade is the company you can rely on. No matter what your project might be, we have the rental equipment you need to keep your work zone productive, efficient, and most importantly, safe.

As a licensed contractor for Construction Zone Traffic Control, you can count on our products to serve their intended purposes.

Some of the rental traffic control equipment in Sacramento that we provide includes:

  • Construction cones
  • Safety cones
  • Traffic cones
  • Stop signs
  • Safety signs
  • Custom traffic signs
  • Two way traffic signs
  • Temporary traffic lights
  • Barricades
  • Hard road barricades
  • Construction barriers
  • Barrier tape
  • Transverse rumble strips

Rental Traffic Cones in Sacramento (and Related Equipment)

Rental Traffic Control Equipment in SacramentoThese are invaluable tools for any construction zone, and also come in handy for events such as weddings and concerts to properly control the flow of traffic. These tools can also be used to indicate areas in which traffic is forbidden, such as areas where children are playing or where roads are under construction and unfit for traffic.

Our traffic cones are available in 28” and 18” Reflective and Non-Reflective materials.  Manufacturers include:

  • JBC
  • Traffix Devices
  • RSM Safety.  

We also provide other rental traffic control equipment in Sacramento related to traffic cones, including:

  • Rental Traffic Control Equipment in SacramentoDelineators: We provide temporary arrow top delineators with 12 pound bases and HIP Bands (with amber or white tape). Our delineators are available with tubes that are orange, white, or yellow in color.
  • Channelizer Drums: These are available with HIP or EG reflective Orange and White bands, 25 pound tire collar or 25 pound molded rubber base. Glue-Down Channelizers are also available.

Sacramento Traffic Control Signs for Rent

Rental Traffic Control Equipment in SacramentoWe offer a wide range of signs from our Sacramento rental traffic control equipment inventory. With a Sign Shop complete with a custom CNC Router, we can get any kind of sign out to you in no time. Not only do we have a number of commonly used signs on hand, but we can also create signs with custom messages and designs.

Whether it’s a standard work zone, a party that simply need signs for branding or traffic control, or an event that requires unique and eccentric messaging, you can rely on our Sign Shop to get you what you need.

Our signs can be made from a variety of different materials, such as:

  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • PVC
  • Sign Foam
  • ChemMetal

We provide:

  • ADA Signs
  • Regulatory Signs
  • Banners
  • Street Name Signs
  • Mast Arm Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Project Signs
  • Work Zone Signs
  • Custom Signs

Sacramento Portable Barricades

Rental Traffic Control Equipment in SacramentoOur rental traffic control equipment in Sacramento also includes portable barricades – an essential form of traffic control. Our barricades are designed for the rugged construction environment, knowing that the cost of work zone car collisions reach far beyond mere monetary and material loss. Traffic control barricades are first and foremost designed to protect human life. That’s why our portable barricades are strong and resilient, made from high quality materials with the sole purpose of protecting workers, drivers, and pedestrians alike.

We offer a wide range of barricade brands, including:

  • SLED™Crash Cushion: This barricade is MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) Tested, Passed, and Eligible. SLED stands for Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipator. This barricade will shield the end of both permanent and temporary portable barrier shapes, including plastic, steel, and concrete barriers. Weighing in at 995 lbs empty and 6,505 lbs full, this barricade is 25’3” long, 22.5” wide, and 42” high. Its speed rating is 62 MPH.
  • CrashGard® Sand Barrel Systems: This barricade is a non-redirective, gating sand barrel, or crash cushion, comprised of a barrel, lid, and insert. Its universal barrel can accommodate all weight requirements.
  • SafetyRail® ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricade: This barricade meets ADA Guidelines and MUTCD 2009 Edition Standards as both a longitudinal channelizer and a sidewalk closure. This barricade has a versatile design made for providing safe, continuous guidance for pedestrians. It is comprised of HDPE plastic (high density polyethylene) with UV inhibitors, making it built to last.

Capitol Barricade is dedicated to traffic safety by providing high quality portable barricades to our customers that work well and last.

Sacramento Transverse Rumble Strips

Rental Traffic Control Equipment in SacramentoOur rental traffic control equipment in Sacramento includes transverse rumble strips, which alert drivers when their vehicles are beginning to veer dangerously off of the road or into areas in which they should not be driving. Our portable transverse rumble strips provide visual, auditory, and physical indicators to drivers when they are entering areas where traffic is forbidden.

This form of traffic control is safe, effective, and easy to setup and tear down. Our portable transverse rumble strips will greatly enhance the safety of the work zone.

Why Choose Capitol Barricade for Rental Traffic Control Equipment in Sacramento?

Capitol Barricade has been providing quality Sacramento traffic control in Northern California for over 30 years. As a licensed California contractor for traffic control, we take what we do and the services we provide very seriously. Our top priority is the safety of any project that requires traffic control.

We can rent you anything you need for your next construction project or other big event. We will even help you create and execute the necessary plans for the highest level of traffic control.

If you need rental traffic control equipment in Sacramento, contact us today.