Renting Barricades for Your Traffic Control Needs

What are the numerous portable barricades you can use?

Renting Barricades

If you are in the construction business or own a business, you most likely understand the importance of barricades for rent. Barricades are an essential part of everyday life. They allow traffic to be controlled and help you as a driver understand what is wanted from you while you are driving. Public roadways and private businesses are saturated with barricades. Instead of purchasing barricades, many businesses and contractors elect to go down the barricades for rent path. It is a way to save money, especially if you need a barricade temporarily.

There are so many types of barricades for rent, which can make it really difficult for you to choose which one to use. Capitol Barricade can help you make this difficult decision with a little information. The circumstances surrounding the use of your barricade are essential to receiving help from them. There are laws and regulations set for using barricades.

OSHA has created certain requirements that have to be followed when using barricades. Some of these requirements comes in the form of size of the barricades, the exact type of barricade, and the size and direction of the stripes on the barricade. For example, the barricades for rent will have a certain size of stripe that correlates to the length or size of the barricade. These will be specific regulations that will have to be followed.

Barricades that You Can Rent

Renting Barricades

So when it comes to barricades for rent, what are some of these common barriers? Capitol Barricade has any barricade that you will ever need. There are eight barricades for rent that will be discussed. These eight barricades are:

  1. SLED Crash Cushion-SLED stands for sentry longitudinal energy dissipater. This is a gating crash cushion. It was designed to protect the ends of barricades from collisions. SLED can be used on all types of barriers no matter the material. These cushions are easy to install and have a speed rating of 62 mph.
  2. CrashGard Sand Barrel Systems-These are a non-directive, gating sand barrel. It can also act as a cushion gard. There are three things that make up a CrashGard. The three things are a barrel, lid, and insert. These were created for easy transport. You can nest the barrels to make it easy to transport or to store. The barrel material are UV protected, which will increase product life and color. These barrels are meant to withstand minor impacts from 25-70 mph. These are excellent barricades for rent and can be used in many situations.
  3. Type I and Type II Barricades-Often you will see these barricades on streets directing traffic. They are created out of wood or plastic and they are anywhere between two and four feet tall.
  4. Type III Barricade-These are available in four foot plywood. They have angle iron leg support with galvanized steel uprights. These barricades are typically larger than the type I and II because they are used to close an entire road to through traffic, other than for certain residents that live behind the road closure.
  5. Pedestrian Barricade-These are seven feet in length and about four feet wide. These are often portable and can withstand a lot of abuse. These barriers can link together to form a continuous barrier. Often you will see these at concerts, school areas, or any area that may need to separate a crowd from an event or a person.  
  6. Safety Rail ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricade-Used for sidewalk closure or longitudinal channelizer. These are created out off a smooth material that is safe to use as a hand-railing. Individuals who are disabled and have to use a long cane can tap the barricade to know their location. In addition, these barricades for rent can accept warning lights and audible information devices. Reflective sheeting is utilized to assist pedestrians through a work area.
  7. SafetyWall ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricade-This barricade for rent is to make work zones safer for pedestrians. These wall are very similar to the safety rails. They help individuals who have auditory or visual impairments. These also have a flat surface that will not impede a pedestrian when walking next to the barricade. They are built of plastic that will last longer and be protected from UV rays.
  8. TrafFix Water-Wall Water-Filled Barrier-This is used as a side protective temporary crash barrier. It is used to protect the public around a construction site and work-zone safety on roads. When you fill them with water, they will not bend due to their molded through holes. There is also a tamper resistant drain plug so that no unexpected draining will occur. These can be easily moved when filled with a forklift or pallet jack with slots at the bottom for easy movement and transport.

As you can see, there are numerous options when you look at barricades for rent. Depending on your circumstances you may have to use a few of these barricades for the same job. Essentially, these barricades were created to protect you and those around you, whether you are walking or driving a vehicle. If you are a contractor or business owner, these barricades can protect you from liability. Taking action and using the correct barricade can keep you out of a lawsuit and protect people. It is important to trust experienced individuals, like Capitol Barricade, when you need to use a barricade for pedestrians or around a work zone.

Why look at barricades for rent rather than purchase barricades?

This can be a question that you are struggling to answer if you own a construction business or a brick and mortar company. There are many pros to renting and maybe just a few cons. If you look at barricades for rent, you can rely on the expertise of the company that rents. These companies have dealt with numerous business and about every barricade situation. That is definitely a bonus to not purchasing barricades from some obscure company.

Other reasons to rent, will be the length of time that you need the barricade. If your situation is temporary, then it may be a better idea to rent. In a temporary situation, if you decide to purchase, it may be lost money. You may only use that barricade for a few weeks or months and never touch it again. This money can be put to other uses. Essentially, this is a cheaper option that still protects you from liability. You will be able to get the exact amount of barricades that you will need and the right barricade for the job. Once you are finished doing the job, you can return the barricades. This is another pro to the situation because you will not have to find storage for them. On the other hand, if you purchased them you would have to plan ahead for maintenance and storage.

Renting Barricades

To this point, it is hard to know whether or not there are any drawbacks to barricades for rent. One con to renting could be if a barricade were to sustain damage, you may have to pay for the damage in addition to the cost of renting. However, this is quickly washed away with the fact that most barricades will be unharmed in the work zone project unless you are the renter during a rare collision. Renting barricades is a great option to give protection to pedestrians, protect yourself from liability, and make a safe environment for yourself and your workers.

In conclusion, Capitol Barricade can help you with all of your barricade rental needs. They can guide you through the process of selecting the correct barricade for the job so that you will meet all federal and local regulations.

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