Sacramento Portable Traffic Signs and Barricades

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Sacramento Portable Traffic Signs

In Sacramento, traffic control is a common requirement due to our growing infrastructure and ongoing need for improvements involving roadside construction and work zones. Many of these tasks can last weeks or months. During this time, areas are completed and work is started on new ones. For projects like these, you need products that are easily transportable, that can be moved from one place to another with ease.

Having been in the business of traffic control for roughly 40 years, Capitol Barricade has the knowledge and experience you can rely on to help you with traffic control plans, products, and services. We can help you determine what products you need throughout your entire project.

Portable Barricades

We offer a wide variety of Sacramento portable barricades, all of which are easy to set up, move around throughout the span of a project, and tear down after the job is done. Our barricades range from simple orange and yellow wood barricades for directing foot and vehicle traffic away from certain areas, to large barricades that can absorb the impact of vehicles.

Our most basic portable barricades in Sacramento include:

  • Type I and Type II Barricades – Available in 8 inch plywood and 12 inch plastic, 2 feet wide and 4 feet tall, EG or Hi-Intensity grade sheeting, and galvanized steel legs. These are all Caltrans approved.
  • Type III Barricade – Available in 4 foot plywood, with angle iron leg support, EG or Hi-Intensity grade sheeting, and galvanized steel uprights. These meet all MUTCD standards, and are Caltrans approved.

Our more heavy-duty, crash absorbent and redirective barricades include:

Sacramento Portable Traffic Signs
  • SLED™Crash Cushion – Our Sensory Longitudinal Energy Dissipators are narrow gating crash cushions that can absorb the impact of vehicles. They can shield the end of temporary or permanent portable barrier shapes.
  • CrashGard® Sand Barrel Systems – These are gating sand barrels that act as crash cushions. They are comprised of a barrel, a lid, and an insert, and can work with near universal weight requirements.
  • SafetyRail® ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricade – These Sacramento portable barricades are made in full compliance with ADA Guidelines and MUTCD 2009 Edition standards. These barricades are longitudinal channelizers and sidewalk enclosures.
  • SafetyWall™ ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricade – These are ideal for creating walk zones for pedestrian safety.
  • TrafFix™ Water-Wall Water-Filled Barrier – These are water-filled barricades that can accommodate virtually any work zone.

Sacramento Portable Signs


We provide a number of portable signs and mobile arrow boards that can be moved with ease. Our portable arrow boards are a great way of directing traffic, and can be moved from one place to another as the work zone steadily changes over time, or to redirect traffic if necessary.

We also offer iTraffic Systems that can detect the behavior of motor vehicles and display messages accordingly. For instance, if traffic is beginning to approach a work zone, is message board can read WORK ZONE AHEAD. EXPECT DELAY. If traffic is slowing down, it can display SLOW TRAFFIC AHEAD.

Our Sacramento portable signs for traffic control will make the perfect accommodation to virtually any construction project or work zone.