California Barricades: Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Drivers Around Hazardous Areas

Road Closed Sign Barricade

When should you use California barricades?

California Barricades

As a layperson driving the roads, you have probably seen many California barricades on the road in various circumstances. Just driving by these barricades will not tell the full story as to how barricades are used in different situations. On the other hand, if you are a construction worker or often deal with road projects, you have to know when and when not to use California barricades and how to use them. Capitol Barricade has the knowledge and all the tools to help you perform your job efficiently and effectively.

There are certain times that barricades have to be used and the way the California barricades will have to be used will vary depending on the situation that faces you. California Barricades can be used in any of the following situations:

  • Diverting traffic in construction, work zones, or accident areas.
  • During road closures, barricades are used to block the road to through traffic. In this situation, residents that live beyond the roadblock will be able to pass.
  • Controlling pedestrian traffic. Often, you will see barricades around the concert, walkways, or any walking area where there may be road construction. These barricades will protect pedestrians from hazardous conditions.
  • Traffic channeling occurs when California barricades are used to move traffic to certain places on the roadway.
  • Lining highways or freeways to prevent any traffic that may cross over.
California Barricades

As you can see, there are many ways that California barricades can be used. Barricades are used to keep the citizens of this country safe. They can help any layperson avoid hazardous areas while in the car or walking. You can imagine what a construction zone would be like without pedestrian and vehicle barricades. It could be an utter disaster. Cars and pedestrians could be constantly in accidents or on the edge of getting hurt. Barricades are an essential part of the safety that is experienced every day.

On the flip side, construction companies and other non-construction businesses that use barricades face other concerns. You do not have to worry about driving your vehicle or walking around barricades like everyone else, but you need to know when you should use barricades to protect the citizens that visit your business or pass your construction site. Protecting your business from liability is extremely important if you want to avoid losing your company or paying a lot of money in litigation fees. There are certain rules set by law that you will have to follow. These laws will explain when you must use California barricades and the specific barricade you should use.

Barricades come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. With the differences in the barricades come different uses. Certain barricades should be used for certain situations. For example, pedestrian barricades are different than freeway barricades.

Which barricade should you use for a given situation?

California Barricades

The most common types of barricades are type I, type II, and type III. These barricades will vary in size, design, and use, as explained in Barricades and Warning Devices:

  • Type I-This will resemble a sawhorse and will have reflective sheeting on the top. These are often used with road detours or closing.
  • Type II-These will look similar to Type I but will have a second reflective sheeting located on the bottom. They will also be used in detours and road closures.
  • Type III-These will normally have numerous rails that are supported by posts. They are recommended for use as roadblocks and around heavy equipment. Aside from these two uses, any other road construction need is usually handled by type I and Type II California barricades.

Capitol Barricade builds all three types of barricades for your use. It is important that you use the proper barricade for your situation. The barricades are different in size and reflective area. There is an important reason for this. Type III barricades are larger and have multiple sheets on the barricade that indicate to a vehicle operator the driving situation. The more dangerous the work area, the bigger the barricade should be. You want to give more warning around dangerous areas.

As a vehicle operator, it is important to understand the meaning of the slanted lines are on a barricade. Barricades will tell you everything that you need to know when it comes to proceeding past the barricade. If the lines slant to the right or left, then that will signify whether you should go right or left around a barricade. There can also be barricades that the lines slope to the middle indicating that the road is closed and there is no through traffic. In these situations, you will see a sign that will indicate a detour.

Other barricades that are used, can be found around pedestrians. Capitol barricade offers pedestrian barricades that protect pedestrians, and you from liability. These barricades will have handrails, flashing lights, and some are equipped with warnings to help those with disabilities. Whatever you need, Capitol Barricade can help you make the correct decision in using the correct California barricades. This can pay dividends in helping you finish your project and protecting those around the work area.

How can Capitol Barricade help you?

California Barricades

Capitol Barricade has been helping construction crews, safety workers, and business owners for years. We can help you pick the California Barricade that you will need in any situation. It is important to get the exact barricades for a specific situation. Laws state which barricades should be used in certain situations. The use of a barricade can be determined by your jobs. For example, if you need to close a road, that will need a different barricade than diverting traffic around a work zone.

We know and understand how to evaluate each situation. After being in business for many years, we have seen all the situations and how to approach them rapidly and with the correct equipment. Often, we will need you to explain your situation. This will allow us to understand what you need and how to approach it. In addition to helping you with California barricades, we can also help you with traffic control plans. Usually, these two things will go hand in hand because you will have to place the barricades in legally required locations while directing traffic. This is when a plan comes in to help.

These plans will dictate everything that you need to do with your California barricades. The plans will also assist you in everything else, such as which road signs to use, where to place flaggers and the exact measurements that must be between signs, barricades, and flaggers. Traffic control plans are essential in using your barricades properly. Capitol Barricade can help you with both. That means that you are within the bounds that the law sets and can comfortably proceed with your job. The last thing that you need to worry about is the traffic control area around your worksite, specifically where to place California barricades. With our assistance you will be able to proceed unimpeded with your construction job, or whatever else it may be.

If you want the peace and security that comes with dealing with an expert, then give us a call so we can help you.

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