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High Quality Electronic Traffic Signs in Sacramento

Do you know the importance of electronic traffic signs over traditional road signage? Suppose you’re in the road construction and repair sector. In that case, it’s essential to understand the need for proper and high-visibility signage when undertaking routine maintenance on city streets, highways, or public roads.

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Electronic traffic signs overcome the challenges of traditional signage. Our electronic traffic signs are self-sufficient and customizable to improve daily traffic patterns, enhance safety, and simplify road signage deployment.

Here are different types of electronic traffic signs, their uses, and their benefits to enhance road safety and increase driver awareness.

Arrow Boards

Arrow boards are high-visibility electronic traffic signs that give directions to motorists by communicating to drivers of any impending road changes or lane closures. Arrow boards provide appropriate directions to motorists to help in traffic management.

Arrow boards come in handy on the road to inform, provide warning, and influence motorists’ behavior by use of single line, arrow, or double arrows to control traffic directions.

Arrow boards are essential tools for traffic control in the following applications;

  • Accident management
  • Traffic diversion
  • Long-term lane closures
  • Roadworks
  • Mining sites
  • Events
  • Breakdowns & emergency support vehicles
  • Directional information
  • Construction sites

Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFDA)

Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFDA) are remote-controlled electronic traffic control equipment with high visibility signage. AFDA comes with a mechanical gated arm and 12-inch red and yellow signal heads. The devices aid in controlling and directing traffic using one person.

You can use our AFDA during daytime or nighttime operations to inform motorists, pedestrians, or other road users of intermediate-term or short-term road or lane closures during these applications;

  • Haul road crossing
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Pavement patching
  • Guard rail repair

Our automated flagger uses a hand-held wireless remote-control device to control and direct traffic while saving time, money, and labor and enhancing your onsite worker’s safety.

Portable Chargeable Message Board

Our portable chargeable message board is an electronic traffic sign that displays messages to inform motorists of impending and unusual driving conditions. The PCMB electronic traffic sign achieves this by use of elements on the sign face that an operator activates to form symbols or letters. The core aim of our electronic traffic sign is to capture motorist attention and convey information that is hard to accomplish with static signing.

Our portable chargeable message board informs or alerts motorists in the following scenarios;

  • Construction or maintenance work zones
  • Traffic diversions
  • Roadway status updates
  • Ramp closure
  • Incidents management
  • Lane shifts or closure
  • Change in road surface conditions

Speed Trailers

Our speed trailers visually display a driver’s real-time speed compared to the speed limit. These devices increase awareness of local speed limits and compel drivers to reduce speed by flashing bright white lights mimicking a speed camera.

Speed trailers offer the following benefits;

  • Provide immediate feedback
  • Have low maintenance costs
  • Mobile and easy to set up
  • They do not need to be manned

Our speed trailers are best suited for use in residential areas or near schools in conjunction with safety education or neighborhood speed watch programs

Trailer-Mounted Traffic Signals

Our Ver-Mac’s TLD-3612 G3 is a portable trailer-mounted traffic signal set with dual traffic signal heads that runs on solar or battery power. The traffic signals use advanced radio communications to monitor and phase the signals for failures and conflicts.

The traffic sign features Tilt-and-Rotate solar panels, a V-Touch TLD controller, tandem tow, ITE lamps hydraulic lift mechanism, and our optional JamLogic software. The traffic sign also has multiple options for emergency pre-emption, traffic detection, and manual flagger to enhance traffic control management.

Our trailer-mounted traffic signal control traffic in the following patterns;

  • Shuttle
  • Access (one single head)
  • T-junction
  • Two-way
  • Crossroads

Custom multi-directional installations

Our trailer-mounted traffic signals provide efficient and safe short-term and long-term traffic control solutions in the following applications;

  • Bridge repair or construction
  • Work zone construction
  • Special events
  • Power outage

Truck Mounted Arrow Board

Our Ver-Mac’s VM-4825 is a 48 in x 96 in truck-mounted arrow board that derives power from the cigarette lighter plug. The traffic control solution has an automatic up/down and a wireless and intuitive V-Touch controller to save installation time and costs. We have a variety of truck-mounted arrow boards to meet your different specifications.

Truck-mounted arrow boards are ideal for traffic control during highway construction, highway emergencies, highway striping trucks, maintenance crews, and helper trucks.

Truck Mounted Message Board

Our truck-mounted message board is a traffic management solution powered by the truck’s battery. It offers full graphic capabilities with directional displays, a one-touch arrow, and sequencing functions. It features a manual up or down bracket variable and a V-Touch controller and is plugged into the cigarette lighter plug for power. An optional wireless V-Touch controller and power-tilt mounting are also available to save on time and installation costs

Truck-mounted message boards are ideal for traffic control during highway construction, highway emergencies, highway striping trucks, maintenance crews, and helper trucks.

Benefits of Electronic Traffic Signs

Here are some benefits of electronic traffic signs

  • Real-time information
  • Enhancing safety
  • Nighttime visibility
  • Energy optimization
  • Easy to set up
  • Cost savings
  • Daylight readable
  • Uninterrupted functionality

Are you looking to adopt effective traffic control solutions to streamline traffic flow while enhancing your worker’s safety? Schedule a call or request a free quote to shop or rent safety equipment today. We are your one-stop shop for all your safety equipment, message signs, and other signs equipment.

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