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We often characterize the construction industry by a high prevalence of accidents and injuries—and we can attribute this to inadequate risk management measures, like failure to use or incorrect use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

However, we can mitigate accidents and injury risks at construction sites by wearing proper safety gear for construction, including safety vests and shirts, hard hats, safety glasses, safety boots and gloves, and reflective clothing.

In this post, we focus on reflective clothing for construction, particularly vests and high visibility shirts. Let’s start with the basics.

What is Protective Clothing?

Protective clothing is clothing worn to protect the body from harm or injury. It can be worn for various reasons, including:

  • Protecting the body from extreme temperatures
  • Protecting the body from exposure to chemicals
  • Protecting the body from impact or penetration by sharp objects.

Protective clothing is often used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and healthcare, but it can also be used by people in their everyday lives, such as when doing outdoor activities or working in the garden.

This type of clothing is mainly referred to as personal protective equipment (PPE).

Why Do Road Workers Wear Protective Clothes?

Road workers often wear protective clothing to protect themselves from hazards while on the job. This can include items such as;

  • Reflective vests or safety jackets: These are worn to make the wearer more visible to others and are often used by road workers, construction workers, and emergency responders.
  • Hard hats: These are worn to protect the head from falling objects or impacts. They are commonly used by construction workers, miners, and workers at risk of head injuries.
  • Gloves: These are worn to protect the hands from cuts, abrasions, and other injuries. Workers in the construction, manufacturing and healthcare industries commonly use them.
  • Safety boots with a steel toe: These are worn to protect the feet from heavy objects, sharp debris, and other hazards. Workers commonly use them in construction, manufacturing, and other industries where foot injuries are a risk.
  • Earplugs: These are worn to protect the ears from loud noises. Workers in the construction, manufacturing, and aviation industries commonly use them.
  • Protective eyewear: This includes safety glasses, goggles, and face shields and is worn to protect the eyes from dust, debris, and other hazards. Workers in the construction, manufacturing and healthcare industries commonly use it.

The specific protective clothing worn by road workers can vary depending on the specific tasks and the hazards present on the job site.

Why Wear Safety Vests with Reflective Tape?

Road workers often wear reflective clothing to enhanced visibility or make themselves more visible to drivers. This is particularly important at night or in other low-light conditions when it can be difficult for drivers to see road workers and other hazards on the road.

By wearing reflective with high arc rating clothing, road workers can help to ensure that drivers can see them and take appropriate action to avoid collisions. Reflective, good quality clothing can also help to improve and stay safe on the job site by making it easier for other workers to see each other and avoid accidents.

Protective Clothing Options

There are many different types of protective clothing available. The specific type of protective clothing appropriate for a given situation will depend on the specific hazards present and the level of protection needed. Some common options for protective clothing include:

Kishigo Long Sleeve Microfiber Class 3 High Visibility T-shirt

We’ve designed the Kishigo long sleeve microfiber class 3 t-shirt, to keep you safe and visible on the job. We make the T-shirt from a lightweight and breathable microfiber material, which wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you comfortable during long work days. The shirt is also treated with an antimicrobial finish to help reduce odors and keep it fresh.

The bright, fluorescent yellow color and reflective strips on the sleeves, chest, and back make this T-shirt compliant with type r class 3 high-visibility clothing safety standards, ensuring that others quickly see you in low light conditions.

Kishigo 4 Pocket Contrast Mesh Safety Vest

Our Kishigo 4 pocket contrast mesh safety vest, one size fits all with full zipper closure is crafted using durable and breathable mesh material, allowing air to circulate and keeping you comfortable even in warmer weather. We have included a contrasting trim on the collar, pockets, and sides for added style.

The four pockets on the front; right and left chest pocket are ideal for holding or storing small items like keys, a cell phone, or a flashlight.

The bright, fluorescent yellow color and reflective strips on the front, back, and shoulders comply with hi vis vest and clothing safety standards, ensuring that others quickly see you in low-light conditions.

Get Your Safety Clothing For Construction Today

Safety apparel for construction is essential to a worker’s gear on a construction site. We design clothing with customization options to protect workers from hazards and prevent injuries and accidents on the job. Therefore, workers must wear the appropriate safety apparel to minimize risks.

If you’re working on a construction site, contact us to place your order for ansi class complaint high vis shirts and t-shirts for construction work. We also have Kishigo Black Bottom Mesh Vest, Kishigo High Performance Surveyors Vest, and Kishigo 6 Pocket Contrast Mesh Vest.

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