Roll-Up Signs & Stands

What are Traffic Sign Roll-ups and Stands?

Roll-up traffic control signs are obvious markers that warn motorists of traffic conditions. Unlike traditional traffic signs, they come in lighter weight materials that are easier to transport. Their mobility and functionality suit them for road work, construction zones, and other applications.

There are several advantages of roll up traffic signs compared to traditional signs. First, they are usually lighter and easier to install. They also come with optional accessories like reflective tape, extended legs, and portable sign stands, making them even easier to transport and increasing visibility in various conditions. For example, having reflective tape makes the signs more visible in low-light conditions.

In addition, portable sign stand don’t need to be bolted to stationary poles, making them easier to handle and less time-consuming. Disassembling these signs is much easier than traditional traffic signs, so your crews save time and money when breaking down the construction site. They don’t need to worry about tracking down and removing the heavy sign poles from the area.

For example, look at this Reflective Roll-Up STOP sign from Capitol Barricade. This sign is perfect for emergencies, temporary road closures, and construction zones, as it can momentarily replace a collapsed sign or withdrawn electronic traffic signs. It is made with a bright red STOP sign bordered by reflective vinyl signs that lights under headlights for maximum night visibility.

The sign also features plastic corner pockets and fiberglass cross beams, making it practically everlasting. Its 36-inch or 48-inch sizes are also mountable to single spring sign stands and zephyr.

Types of Roll-Up Signs

Regulatory signs

Like traditional traffic signs, roll-up traffic control signs come in regulatory and warning categories. Examples of regulatory signs include stop signs, yield signs, do not enter signs, no turn on left/right signs, and no parking, among others.

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) necessitates that these signs have a white background for visibility. This makes them easily recognizable by all motorists and pedestrians. Motorists and pedestrians should adhere to the instructions given by these regulatory signs for traffic safety.

Warning Signs

Warning signs are usually used to alert drivers of road hazards, construction zones, and other dangerous areas. Examples of warning signs include led reverse turn ahead signs, hairpin curve ahead signs, lane road ahead arrow, side road at angle signs, sharp to the right signs, and sharp curve to the left signs. These warning signs are great for drivers in unfamiliar areas as they provide extra navigation assistance. In addition, they help drivers to adjust their speed accordingly, ensuring a safe driving experience. These signs’ bright colors and diamond grade reflective material help make them more visible, especially at night.

Detour Signs

Detour signs help motorists navigate around any road closures. These signs are especially helpful when roads are blocked off for construction or other reasons. They are designed with bright colors and reflective features so they can be easily seen from a distance. The signs are also lightweight and come in various sizes, making them easy to transport and set up.

Speed Limit Signs

There are many speed limit signs that are designed for roll-up construction. These signs feature bright colors and reflective features, making them easily visible day or night. They can also be mounted to zephyr or single-spring sign stands and come in various sizes.

Speed limit signs help drivers adhere to the posted speed limit and ensure they drive safely. For example, the Stop & Slow Paddle sign from Capitol Barricade features a bright orange “slow” message with a red border that is highly visible.

Other Signs

Although roll-up traffic control signs are primarily used for regulatory and warning purposes, many other signs can be rolled up. These include arrow panels, directional signs, and other temporary signage that can be used to help guide traffic detours around construction sites and other temporary road closures. These signs are especially helpful in areas where traditional signage is not available. Furthermore, they can be easily transported and set up for quick deployment.

The Federal Highway Administration (FWA) also approves many other types of signs for motorist services, recreation, and pedestrian/bicycle safety. By using these signs, drivers can remain safe and informed, while pedestrians and cyclists can remain safe on the roads.


At Capitol Barricade, we offer a wide variety of roll up construction signs and mesh signs designed to help keep roadways safe and drivers informed. We have the highest quality materials and the latest technology to ensure maximum visibility for our signs and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Our experts are highly experienced and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products. Contact us today for more information on how we can help keep your construction project running safely and smoothly.

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