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Find the Best Striping For Road Parking Lots

When you visit a business, what’s the very first thing you experience? Like most people, it won’t be the employee at the front desk or the interior décor. It will be the business’ parking lot.

The parking lot is the first touchpoint between a potential customer and the business. When this interaction is positive, it starts off the customer experience on a high note. A smooth, well-laid-out parking lot should not only aid traffic control but also make customers’ experience as pleasant as possible.

At Capitol Barricade, we are your one-stop shop for all your parking lot supplies. We offer a full selection of parking lot striping products, all made available to help you create parking spaces and label certain areas of your lot for that seamless experience.

In this article, we will explore the basics of parking lot striping. We delve into what parking lot striping is, how it’s done, and the supplies you need for parking striping.

What is Parking Lot Striping?

It’s amazing how powerful a simple painted line on a road or parking lot can be. These straight, even lines painted in either yellow or white traffic paint are known as parking striping. The paint should be extra durable, anti-fade paint that can easily bond with concrete or asphalt. In some instances, you’ll find that the paint used for the parking lot striping has tiny shiny flakes or beads made of glass or plastic for a luminous effect. Overall, these lines help drivers identify designated parking spots, especially when there’s little visibility.

How are Parking Lot Striping and Traffic Markings Made? 

Parking lot striping and markings ensure organized traffic flow and clearly demarcated parking stalls. An effective parking striping layout will include bright, durable line striping for stalls, arrows indicating entrances and exits, directional arrows controlling flow within the parking space, special markings indicating handicap parking spaces, and more. You want to hire a professional line striping contractor and purchase the right parking lot supplies for the best parking striping layout and outcome.

Our specialists guide you through selecting the best parking striping layout and choosing the right striping paint to create the crispest, straight lines.

Must-Have Tools for Parking Striping 

Granted, you can use a simple paint roller for striping. Unfortunately, the final product might not be as pleasing to the eye.

You will require a walk-behind machine to repaint faded lines at the lot. You want to go with a line marking machine that is stable and small enough to fit into narrow and constricted areas.

For heavy traffic areas, you will require a thermoplastic screed machine. You want to also purchase a wide range of arrows, numbers, letters, and symbols prefabricated and customized for your business.

You will need long line painting machines with a 500L capacity to mark long stretches of road. You can leverage the 200L line marking machines for smaller sections of your parking lot.

If you already have unwanted line markings on your parking lot or road, you will require line grinders. This remove said line markings leaving you with a clean slate to start over. You can replace these using laser guides to achieve a professional-looking parking lot. These laser guides outline the exact location of your new lines, thus ensuring perfect results each time.

If you are working on a small car parking lot, you are going to need a hot melt glue applicator to fix the small thermoplastic markings needed. For parking lots where you expect vehicles and pedestrians at night, you ought to attach a glass bead dispenser to the line striping machine.

When it comes to the type of paint needed for parking lot line striping or pavement marking, there are three main types of paint used. You can choose to go with oil/solvent-based paint, water based paint, or thermoplastic paint. Other paint types are glass beads or reflective paint (which can be applied by hand by sprinkling the beads over the over wet paint by hand), chlorinated rubber paint, and normal paints. You can also use canned aerosol line striping paint with a line striping machine for the easiest and simplest parking lots and pavement paint.

While doing pavement marking, it would be best to adhere to parking lot codes. Specifically, you ought to keep ADA requirements in mind. This will require that you invest in ADA-compliant signage to be placed throughout your parking lot.

Get Your Parking Lot Supplies from Capitol Barricade Today!

Investing in the right parking lot supplies translates to better, more efficient parking striping. You end up with a professional-looking parking lot with minimum effort and within your budget.

At Capitol Barricade, we deliver high-quality products for professional road and parking lot lines. Check out our shop for exclusive deals, and do not hesitate to contact us if you need help and support choosing the best parking lot supplies.

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