Benefits of Using Custom Parking Lot Stencils

Parking lot stencils are what make parking spaces orderly and organized. They provide solutions to parking area organization problems. Stencils offer perfect, visible, open spots with clear lines, making parking a hassle-free endeavor.

Custom parking lot stencils are usually found around pavements. They offer tons of benefits since about 1.4 billion people own cars globally. The lines serve as boundaries between cars and show where parking locations are provided in a lot. That way, drivers can understand these signs whenever they see them and make well-informed decisions.

At Capitol Barricade, you’ll get a wide array of custom parking lot stencils to help you design clear and excellent markings for pedestrians and drivers to act on it.

What are parking lot stencils made of?

Parking lot stencils can be made from different materials. But the best type is Low-Density Polyethylene Plastic (LDPE), not High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Here’s how it’s the best material:

  • LDPE is more flexible, unlike countertop materials, and is also stronger than cardboard
  • It’s easy to clean, durable, and easy to handle

After spraying the stencil, you’ll have something like a “paint overspray” on the stencil. Please leave it to dry before bending the flexible, and the dried overspray and LDPE will pop off. Otherwise, you can peel it off and behold a mighty potato chip. Finally, you’ll get a brand new stencil.

What Paint Is Used for Parking Lots?

Like every other available painting surface, there’re specific paints that are more effective than others when using parking lot or road stencils. Your parking lot’s appearance depends on the paint you choose and the color.

Blue is getting more popular in most places, while the traditional strip color is yellow. In some instances, this is a personal preference. But note that specific stencils like those for handicapped stalls have legal requirements for shape, color, and size.

Another popular option for is white. Businesses who opt for this color may keep yellow for painting areas and curves that prohibit parking. The law requires people to use white or blue with yellow to paint the handicap symbol on handicap accessible lines.

Solvent-based and water-based paints are the two basic ideal paints for your parking lot. Whatever the case, they should be formulated as traffic paint, exclusively designed for your parking lot. Also, pavement thermoplastic is a 100% solid paint for your pavement markings.

N/B: Latex and acrylic paints you use in painting your walls may not adhere to pavements. They can peel away fast, and all your effort will become a waste. So, ensure you use only traffic paint.

How Do You Mark a Parking Space?

Most people mark their parking spaces on their own, but you can get a professional company like Capitol Barricade to do it for you. Capitol Barricade offers safe, accurate, and concise custom signs. The we will design the proper equipment, plastic stencils, and traffic cones for local businesses. The West Coast Distribution center can deliver this road safety equipment right at your doorstep.

Well-marked pavement stencils enable drivers to maneuver through parking areas well. This ensures less traffic congestion and more time on your business premises. Use high-quality, traffic signs, traffic control signs and other construction and safety equipment from Capitol Barricade.

Showing traffic directions clearly, spots designated for the disabled, and places that don’t authorize parking help your customers navigate well around your premises.

You can mark a parking space in the following ways:

  • Get the surface area ready by removing all debris such as branches, sand, loose gravel, and foliage.
  • Use a tape for accurate marking of each parking lot in compliance with the minimum recommended dimensions.
  • Use a chalk line to get the perfect straight guidelines.
  • Get your suitable line marking pavement paint and the right applicator. Ensure you shake the aerosol container well to ensure it isn’t obstructed and is spraying well.
  • Put the aerosol container into the applicator by following the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Pull the trigger on the applicator to enable the paint to flow. Walk steadily and slowly in straight lines according to the instructions to ensure clear lines and straight and concise markings.

What Are the Benefits of Using Custom Parking Lot Stencils?

Custom parking lot stencils make parking lots organized. It offers clear, open areas with visible signs making parking easy and convenient. Here you’ll see how you can benefit of using stencils for your parking lot and why you need to renew your parking lot line markings

1. Maximizes Parking Space

You may enter a parking lot only to find that there are no available spaces or sometimes spaces at hand are too narrow to accommodate vehicles.

Do you know you can avoid this problem by using the appropriate line marking for your parking space? Proper line markings can help you maximize space in your parking area.

These days, vehicles come in various sizes and shapes, so your parking spaces must fit them. A marked parking lot line ensures that drivers won’t park their vehicles too close to others by mistake or occupy two spaces.

When your parking space is well-marked, they can accommodate extra vehicles at any time, hence more customers for your business.

Our custom parking lot stencils provide clear and visible lines that let drivers know where to park and save space.

2. Promotes Safety

Parking lot line markings serve as a guide to pedestrians and drivers and is suitable for traffic control. It directs them to traffic flow, alert drivers to pedestrian crossings, and shows free parking spots.

Line markings on your parking lot can help people identify one-way lanes, areas where parking is unauthorized, and pedestrian crossing areas.

As a business owner, you should consider the safety of your visitors a top priority. Failure to mark parking space lines well can put those visiting your property at risk.

Capitol Barricade parking lot stencils can mark visible parking area lines and help protect people’s lives.

3. Provides accessible spaces for handicapped 

All parking lots, despite the size, must have accessible spaces that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

When you have faded and worn out line markings in your parking lot, disabled visitors may get confused and not know where to park. The abled can also park vehicles in handicapped spaces by mistake.

Abide by the State and Federal Regulations and re-model the lines on your parking lot to prevent facing fines from the government.

Capitol Barricade pavement marking stencils can help organizations mark out parking spaces for disabled drivers.

4. Enhance Curb Appeal

Parking lot lines say a lot about your business. Faded line stripping can leave a wrong impression on visitors. Ensure you update your parking lot lines to give your customers the best satisfaction.

You can use stencils to provide safety messages on pavements. We have custom parking lot stencils you can use to design parking areas and enhance curb appeal.

Choose Capitol Barricade for your Custom Parking Lot Stencils

Capitol Barricade has many years of experience in delivering custom signs to business owners. We have any type of traffic signs and traffic control signs using American traffic safety materials.

Capitol Barricade’s stencil shop and full-service sign manufacture of stencils for many applications. These include roadway markings, ADA, parking lot pavement painting, industrial floor markings, and lots more. Besides, Capitol Barricade offers traffic control services if you have any roadside construction project you’re handling.

We can provide you with plastic safety systems and bone safety sign that will suit a specific job. If you want a unique-looking road stencil in your parking lot, you are in the right place. Contact Capitol Barricade for your next roadside construction project.

We have different sizes of stencils and various materials. Reach out to us for a unique custom parking lot stencil to update your parking area lines and put your business on the right track.

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