Using Road Stencils for Any Need

Trafic Stencils

Picking the Right Paint

Just like any other painting surface in life, there are certain paints that work better than others when using road stencils. Certain paints will have a better chance of adhering to asphalt. It is crucial that the paint adheres properly or there may not be any longevity to your paintings. When it comes to picking out paints, there will be certain things that you will want to make sure is found in the paint.

Characteristics of Road Stencil Paint the You Should Consider

First, you will want to find a paint that was created for asphalt or for concrete. These paints will have the proper characteristics so that the paint will be long lasting and adhere properly. Other things to take into consideration when deciding which paint to buy are local laws. When using road stencils, you will have to decide if local laws permit the paint that you are using. To understand why some jurisdictions limit which paint you can use, paint needs to be broken down into three components. Road surface paint  for road stencils will consist of the three following components:

  1. Pigment-Pigments will dictate which color you are left with. Pigments will either create colors or they may just block the surface that you are painting. They may also have a UV stabilizer. These will help the colors maintain their color after the sun beats down on them for years.
  2. Resins or Binders-Essentially, resins and binders will be the glue that binds the paint to the surface you are spraying.
  3. Waters or Solvents-Pigments and resin are mixed with water for water based paints or solvent for solvent based paints.

Depending on your jurisdiction, there may be some environmental concerns that will force you to use water based paints. So before you dive into your road stencil work, you should look up the laws in your location. This will help you decide which paint to use with your road stencils, because there may only be one to choose from.

Qualities of Water Based Paint

Some may think that water based paints are not as good as solvent. However, this is not always true. A lot of water based paints will dry quicker than solvent based paints. This is something that should be desired when searching for a paint. A quicker drying paint will allow you to get your parking lot up and running quicker than a slow drying paint. Water based paint will not cause damage to concrete or asphalt.

The addition of reflective paint to your collection should not be overlooked. Reflective paint is excellent for parking lots. It will help drivers during the dark hours to still follow directions in a parking lot. Once you have decided on the kind of paint that you are going to use, the next thing will be the preparation and understanding of how to use a stencil. It may seem that using road stencils is extremely simple, and it is, but there still must be certain steps followed to ensure quality professional work.

How to Use Road Stencils

Road Stencils

As you become familiar with the techniques for using road stencils, you will be able to create quality work in a short amount of time. Just like painting on a canvas or a wall in your house, there must be necessary preparation to the surface. Concrete and asphalt will need to be properly cleaned in order for the paint to adhere properly when using road stencils.

Cleaning the Intended Area

Cleaning often involves sweeping the area that needs to be painted, then using water to wash off any additional debris, and waiting for the area to dry so that paint can be applied. Usually, asphalt is a little easier to clean because it lacks the porous surface that is found on concrete. If the concrete is really dirty and it is not cleaning easy, you may have to use a pressure washer or a cleaning solution to get out all of the dirt. A pressure washer will allow you to reach deep into the pores and clean them all out. After you have used water, it is important that you let it dry and not try to paint while the surface is still wet.

Setting Up Your Road Stencils

Once the intended area is dry, you are ready to paint. Capitol Barricade has excellent road stencils that are durable, light, and have a rolled edge. The rolled edge is essential to prevent overspray and leave you with a professional look. Place the stencil on the dried location. You need to make sure that the stencil does not move. There are many ways to do this, but a simple and inexpensive way is to use chalk. If you outline the stencils so you know where it should be, you will not have any issues with double painting a spot. The chalk will fade away quickly.


The next step after the stencil is in place is to paint. There are different methods to paint with a stencil. Spraying and using a roller are some of the best ways to approach using road stencils. Sometimes you can use a paint brush, however, it should be a paint brush that is specifically designed for this type of use. When painting, the rolled edge will be a lifesaver. It will prevent too much paint building up on the stencil cut out area. After painting, you will be left will a professional concise, clean painted symbol. Remember that sometimes you will have to apply additional coats before you are finished.

The last step is allowing the paint to dry. Depending on the type of paint you are using, will determine the amount of time you will have to wait for the paint to dry. Sometimes it may take a long time for this type of paint to dry. It is also important to know what the weather forecast is going to be. If you can avoid painting in windy or wet weather, then you should. At times you may not be able to avoid the weather. When this happens, you should take proper steps to protect the painting after using the road stencils. You can do this by using plastic or canvas to cover the painted area until it is dry.

How Capitol Barricade Can Help You

Capitol Barricade has been in this business for a really long time. They understand all of the techniques that were discussed in the preceding paragraphs. If you have questions or need insight for tips and techniques when it comes to using stencils, you should contact us. We can provide the stencils that you need for a given job. Stencils are essential to traffic control plans that help you create order and safety on any road. You may also be searching for a unique stencil that we may not have in stock that does not matter, because we can create any custom stencil for you. You may want a unique looking road stencil for use in your parking lot, which is great.

We have the experience to assist you with any of your stencil needs. We offer different sizes of stencils as well as different materials. Whatever you may need we will have it for you. Contact us today!

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