Plans for Traffic Control

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What are traffic control Plans?

Plans for Traffic Control

At times, traffic needs to be diverted or changed for a project or maybe an accident. This is where traffic control plans come into play. Capitol Barricade is a licensed contractor for traffic control plans. These plans will include flagging, set up, tear down, and maintenance of any work zone project. We can plan and staff your road construction project. In addition to helping you with your traffic plan, we also stock and make custom equipment for all of your needs. Before you can dive into a project, the project will have to be approved. This approval process can be frustrating if not approached in the right way. These plans can be newly created which will have to be reviewed or they may come from templates, which are like a pre-approved plan.

Plans for traffic control will have to be “reviewed and managed by the Right of Way Management Section and are required for all construction work within the road right of way which modifies vehicular, bicycle and/or pedestrian traffic patterns and are necessary to ensure the safe and efficient movement of traffic through construction work zones.” A plan will have to be created that will meet your goals and provide safety for the community. Often there will be traffic control plan templates that can be used for a given situation. Sometimes there will not be a template for the job that you are beginning. When this occurs, you will have to seek review of the plan to ensure that all requirements are met.

These templates will explain which routes will have to be closed to make sure that traffic continues to flow. It will detail the different signs to be used during the closure. It will show where to use signs, when to use them, and how to use them. These traffic control plan templates are an excellent way to make your work zone project a lot easier. These templates are essentially pre-approved plans that dictate every detail. Without these templates, it may take a little longer to get a work zone approved, because every detail will have to be shared with the Right of Way Management Section.

There are rules and regulations that will always govern traffic control plans. Some of these rules are very specific as to the distance of the signs from the zone and which signs have to be used where. This will often be decided by a formula that is created to ensure enough reaction time in a work zone area. These plans are essential to creating order and safety around a work zone.

If there is not a template that fits your needs, we can design one for you by using our computer aided design program. Getting a plan that fits your needs is important, but it is also important to allow an expert to create the plan, so that it can be approved. These plans must be accurate and created by an expert to meet local laws and requirements.

Plans for Traffic Control

Depending on the traffic control plans that you are using, there will be equipment that is required. This equipment can range from barricades to portable traffic signs and everything in between. Capitol Barricade can offer the following, plus more:

  • Construction cones
  • Safety cones
  • Traffic cones
  • Stop signs
  • Safety signs
  • Street signs & other identification signs
  • Temporary traffic lights
  • Custom traffic signs
  • Two way traffic signs
  • Barricades (Of all types)
  • Hard road barricades
  • Construction barriers
  • Barrier tape
  • Transverse rumble strips
  • Custom traffic control plans

If there are certain things that are not in stock, then they can be custom built so that everything for you job is present. In addition to all of the equipment you will need for traffic control plans, you will also need a permit. A permit will allow you to proceed unimpeded with your project. With assistance from Capitol Barricade you will get equipment, traffic control plans, permits, and highly trained and certified Traffic Control Technicians and Flaggers.

Preparing a work zone can be an arduous process. So getting some much needed help should be your number one priority before diving into your job. Without the right help picking out equipment and creating traffic control plans, your job may turn into an extremely frustrating system. If you are going to try to get the plan approved on your own without much experience in the matter, then it may take you longer and cost more money. There is nothing more frustrating than being stopped from performing your job because of a rejected plan all because you weren’t sure of all of the requirements. This process should be smooth and simple so that the task at hand can be completed as soon as possible.

Whatever your equipment needs are, Capitol Barricade will have what you are looking for. They have been creating traffic signs in the Sacramento area for more than 30 years, so they know how to best help. With this experience comes awareness and being able to understand your exact situation.

Plans for Traffic Control

You may question why there has to be traffic control plans for all jobs. Even the smallest construction zones, will need to managed to create a safe environment. It does not matter that it lasts a few day or a few months because accidents would most likely occur without the assistance of certified flaggers, road signs, and a plan.

If you were to look back at the transportation system in the United States, you would notice that the origin of road signs came in the early 1900’s. The car emerged from this time period. Before the car, there were not very many needs for traffic signs, other than an occasional sign pointing to a town. With the rapidly changing car industry, there was a massive influx of traffic control involving road signs in all shapes and sizes.

The reason for the change in transportation regulation was for the safety and management of those out on the road. Rules are created to give limits and boundaries. Regulations on the roads are not different. Imagine a construction zone, or just any highway, without the proper traffic signs. You would have people driving wherever they wanted to and at the speed they would choose. You then throw bystanders and pedestrians into the mix and a lot of hospital trips will be involved. Cars traveling at low speeds are still dangerous and can cause fatal accidents. With the proper traffic control plans, even on the smallest job, people will be safe. Order and organization is a part of our daily life and definitely needs to be found out on the road ways.

The reason for all these rules is simple, it is safe. With the assistance of an experienced company, like Capitol Barricade, you will not have to have that extra burden of planning for and regulating a plan for traffic control. They have the skill, knowledge, and equipment for you to finish your construction job quickly while maintaining a safe and organized system. Whether the job is large or small, there are many ways that Capitol Barricade can help you. Contact us today!

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