As the leading provider of Sacramento traffic control rental equipment, Capitol Barricade knows what it takes to maintain a controlled, safe, and efficient work zone. When you need to ensure both worker and pedestrian safety, you need a licensed contractor you can trust.

We offer, but are not limited to, the following equipment for your traffic plans: 

These products alert drivers when they are entering forbidden territory through visual, auditory, and physical indicators. This is a commonly used form of Sacramento traffic control rental equipment, as rumble strips are effective, easy to setup and tear down, and provide both worker and driver safety.

Barricades for traffic control are designed, first and foremost, to ensure the lives of drivers and workers by absorbing the force of vehicle impact. Not only do they greatly reduce the risk of car accident fatalities, they also reduce the monetary and material loss that can result from such accidents as well.

We have plenty of commonly used traffic control signs on reserve at our Sign Shop, and will get them to you immediately. However, if you need custom signs made with specific messages, we can design them with our CNC router, and we’ll make sure they are completed and shipped out quickly and efficiently.

Virtually all road side construction zones require traffic cones to indicate where traffic is supposed to flow, and keep vehicles out of forbidden areas. Traffic cones are also essential tools for concerts, weddings, and other events in which traffic control is a major necessity.

Why Choose Capitol Barricade for Sacramento Traffic Control Rental Equipment?

Having been in the business for over 30 years, we are very familiar with traffic control requirements, and we know which products are the most reliable. You can also count on our products to be in line with all state and federal regulations. We understand the potential dangers of roadside work zones, and areas in which traffic control is crucial for the safety of drivers, workers, and pedestrians.

We take what we do very seriously, as the consequences of inadequate traffic control can be fatal.

At Capitol Barricade, you will find all of the Sacramento traffic control rental equipment you need to keep your next work zone, project, or event as safe and efficient as possible.

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