Barricade – Type III

JBC type III barricade with three engineering grade reflective panels and two 4′ steel legs. 48″ W x 60″ H.

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Introducing Our JBC Type III Reflective Panel Barricade: Elevating Safety with Unmatched Visibility

Enhanced Visibility for Safety:

Step into a new realm of safety with our JBC Type III barricade—an innovative solution designed to elevate visibility and security. Featuring three strategically positioned engineering-grade vertical panels made from reflective sheeting, this barricade ensures unparalleled visibility, even in low-light conditions.

Robust Construction, Clear Indication:

Standing at an impressive 48 inches in width and soaring to a height of 60 inches, our barricade offers a commanding presence. Its sturdy frame for in plant applications to minimize movement, is fortified by two 4-foot steel legs, guaranteeing stability and resilience in diverse environments.

Versatile Safety Solution:

Crafted to meet the demands of various settings, our premier vertical panel barricade is an ideal choice with easy transport for construction sites, traffic safety, roadworks, parking lots, events, and more. Being safety compliant, it’s panels serve as a clear indicator of restricted zones or potential hazards, directing traffic and guiding pedestrians effectively.

Reliability in Action:

More than just a physical barrier, our barricade symbolizes reliability and efficacy in every use case. Whether directing traffic flow or delineating work zones, its engineer grade reflective vertical panels stand as a beacon of safety, ensuring heightened visibility for all.

Invest in Unmatched Safety:

Make safety a priority—invest in our JBC Type III barricade with its unparalleled engineering-grade reflective vertical panels. Because when it comes to safety, visibility is not just an advantage; it’s an absolute necessity.


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