Barricade – Type I

Plasticade 14 gauge galvanized steel leg A-frame barricade with 24″ x 8″ top and 24″ x 6″ bottom plastic panels.

Other brands or sizes available upon request.

Company name or logo stenciled on barricades available upon request.

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Robust Crowd Control Solution: Capitol Barricade’s Galvanized Steel A-Frame Barricade

Introducing our durable and versatile solution for crowd control and traffic barricade management: the Plasticade 14 gauge galvanized steel leg frame barricade. Crafted with engineer grade precision and strength, this barricade boasts a robust build, ensuring reliability in any environment.

Durable Design For Visibility and Stability

Equipped with top and bottom plastic I-beam boards measuring 24 inches by 8 inches and 24 inches by 6 inches respectively, and a light mounting receptacle, this barricade provides both visibility and stability on high speed roadways. Its galvanized steel, A-frame barricade leg offers steadfast support, promising long-lasting performance in diverse weather conditions.

Customization Beyond Standards: Tailored Options For You

But here’s the best part – customization! Need a different brand or size? We’ve got you covered. Our range extends beyond the standard, catering to your specific requirements. Plus, if you want your company name or logo proudly displayed on these I-beam boards, just let us know. Personalization is key, and we’re here to ensure your brand stands out while maintaining traffic safety and control.

Versatile Functionality For Safety and Impact

So, whether it’s managing crowds at an event, construction work zones or directing traffic flow, trust in the reliability and adaptability of our diamond grade barricade. Enhance safety, increase visibility, and make your mark with a high visibility barricade that’s built to last and designed to meet your needs.


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