Barricade Lights

Solar power barricade light 12 volt PC lens with 2 LED lights.

Color options: Amber, Red

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Illuminate Safety: Capitol Barricade’s Solar-Powered Barricade Lights Shine Bright

Dual LED Brilliance: Enhanced Visibility with a 12V PC Lens

Introducing the ultimate in traffic safety products and visibility: Capitol Barricade’s Solar-Powered Barricade Lights! Engineered with precision and reliability, this beacon of security boasts a 12-volt PC lens paired with not one, but two brilliant LED flashing warning lights, ensuring unparalleled luminosity to enhance safety measures.

Choose Your Hue: Amber or Red – Tailor Your Safety Measures

Choose from a spectrum of safety-enhancing colors – Amber or Red – tailor-made to suit your specific needs. Whether it’s for delineating construction zones for construction workers, making a work zone area safer or redirecting traffic, these barricade warning lights that meet traffic engineers specifications, illuminate pathways that enhance visibility with clarity and authority.

Flexible Solutions: Purchase or Rental Options Available for Your Needs

What’s more, our flashing barricade lights are available for both purchase and rental options, providing flexibility and cost-efficiency for short-term projects or ongoing traffic safety protocols.

Capitol Barricade: Your Trusted Partner for Unmatched Safety Standards

Never compromise on safety. Illuminate your surroundings with Capitol Barricade’s Solar-Powered Barricade Light, designed to command attention and ensure utmost safety for all. Choose Capitol Barricade for reliability, durability, and unmatched visibility!

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Amber, Red


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