Plasticade 42″ delineator with watchtower top, two 3” stripes of 3M reflective tape. Plasticade Black 12 lb. delineator base with 4.5″ center hole

Other brands, sizes and colors available upon request.

Company name or logo stenciled on delineators available upon request.

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Introducing the Capitol Barricade Delineator

Unmatched Visibility and Durability

At the heart of the Capitol Barricade Delineator lies a Plasticade 42″ body with a distinctive watchtower top. Equipped with two 3″ stripes of 3M reflective sheeting tape, these delineator posts ensures unparalleled visibility, even in low-light conditions. Crafted for durability, this sign exceeds industry standards for safety and visibility.

Stability Redefined

Anchored by the Plasticade Black 12 lb. delineator rubber base, this product is more than just visible—it’s stable. The 4.5″ center hole secures the delineator firmly, offering unwavering stability across diverse environmental conditions, from crowd control in bustling urban streets to protect motorists, ability to segment pedestrians, vehicles and drivers in parking lots, to rugged construction sites and work zones.

Tailored Solutions for Varied Needs

Capitol Barricade understands that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer access to a range of options. Whether you need several delineators, a different brand, size, or color, we’re here to tailor a solution that perfectly matches your specific requirements.

Personalization for Brand Identity

Make your mark with personalized stenciling options. Request your company name or logo to be proudly displayed on these tubular delineator products. It’s not just about safety; it’s about ensuring your brand stands tall alongside uncompromising safety measures.

Investment in Peace of Mind

When you invest in Capitol Barricade’s Delineator post, you’re investing in more than just a product. You’re investing in peace of mind. This traffic safety equipment is the epitome of innovation, application, and reliability, designed to be the guardian of safety across various settings.

Commitment to Excellence in Service

Beyond the product, we’re committed to exceptional customer service. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect safety solution. Expect guidance and support at every step of your safety journey.

Leading the Evolution of Safety Standards

Capitol Barricade’s commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to continuously improve and adapt. Our products evolve with changing safety standards, ensuring that we always deliver the best in safety equipment.

A Beacon of Reliability and Customization

The Capitol Barricade Delineator isn’t just a safety measure; it’s a testament to our dedication to creating safer environments and to reduce damage. With reliability, visibility, and customization at its core, it stands as a beacon of safety in a world where safety is paramount.

Experience the Capitol Barricade Difference Today

Join us in redefining safety, one delineator at a time. Contact us today and experience firsthand the unparalleled reliability, visibility, and customization offered by Capitol Barricade’s Delineator.


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