Advance Warning Beacon

Yellow Jacket advance warning 12″ LED beacon head

A la carte parts available for purchase


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Advance Warning Beacon

Introducing Capitol Barricade’s flagship safety innovation: the Yellow Jacket Advance Warning 12″ LED Beacon Head. Crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, these flashing beacons stand at the forefront of proactive safety measures, and warning signs ensuring heightened visibility and alertness in high-risk environments.

Unparalleled Visibility And Signaling

The 12″ LED beacon head, adorned in the signature Yellow Jacket hue, delivers unparalleled visibility. Its pulsating, vivid lights use flashing beacons for caution, effectively signaling potential hazards as a warning sign and alerting individuals and driver attention from considerable distances. Engineered with advanced optics, these warning signs guarantee wide-angle dispersion, ensuring maximum impact even in adverse weather conditions or low visibility scenarios.

Customizable Solutions

For those seeking tailored solutions, Capitol Barricade offers a comprehensive selection of a la carte parts available for individual purchase. This flexibility allows customization to specific needs, whether integrating into existing systems or expanding safety protocols across diverse settings.

Durable Performance In Any Environment

Built to endure, this flashing warning beacon boasts uncompromising durability and weather resistance, making it an ideal choice for outdoor condition or road users. Its robust construction ensures longevity, range, and reliability, minimizing maintenance requirements while delivering consistent, high-performance signaling.

Effortless Integration And Operation

Seamless to install and operate, the Yellow Jacket Advance Warning 12″ flashing beacon head effortlessly integrates into various setups, instantly bolstering safety measures without complexity. Whether located independently or as part of a comprehensive safety network, its adaptability and compatibility make it a versatile asset to any security or traffic management strategy.

Proactive Safety Solutions

Prioritize safety and foresight with Capitol Barricade’s Yellow Jacket Advance Warning 12″ LED Beacon Head warning sign. Elevate safety protocols, driver compliance, crosswalks, and speed limit signs with its superior quality, unmatched visibility, and reliability, serving as the proactive sentinel for preemptive hazard mitigation.



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