Orange Traffic Cones

JBC Revolution Series Cones are the leader in the traffic safety industry. Revolution Series Cones are made from an innovative injection molded design that holds up in all temperatures and maintains color in difficult UV situations.

Indented handles at the top allow the cones to easily be picked up and stacked. The black bases are made entirely from recycled materials and are marked with a unique dotted pattern.

Company name or logo stenciled on cones available upon request

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Orange Traffic Cones: Leading Safety Solutions by Capitol Barricade

Revolutionizing Traffic Safety

Capitol Barricade proudly presents the JBC Revolution Series Cones, setting the gold standard in the traffic safety realm. Crafted with an innovative injection molded design, these orange traffic cones endure all temperatures and stand strong against challenging UV conditions.

Built for Efficiency and Sustainability

Featuring indented handles at the apex and reflective collars, these cones offer unparalleled convenience, ensuring effortless handling and stacking. The black bases, constructed entirely from recycled materials, bear a unique dotted pattern, marking our commitment to sustainability while ensuring stability on any surface.

Customization for Enhanced Identity

Make your mark on safety! Upon request, we stencil your company name or logo on these fluorescent orange traffic cones, fostering brand visibility while ensuring compliance with safety standards in your construction or project zones.

Diverse Options for Varied Needs

Explore our extensive range of options catering to diverse safety requirements: from 18″ Reflective Orange Cones to the Reflective Slimline Cone, we have the perfect fit for every project, event, or location. They can be used as a traffic cone, road cones, construction cones, parking cones, or safety cones. Choose from various sizes and weights, including reflective and non-reflective cones with distinct collar sizes, ensuring heightened visibility in any setting.

Purchase or Rental: Your Choice, Our Commitment

Whether it’s a short-term project or a continuous need, Capitol Barricade offers you more info and the flexibility to purchase or rent these orange safety cones. Empower your construction, highway, parking lots, or event management with our quality equipment, designed to redirect traffic, safeguard pedestrians, and mitigate potential dangers effectively.

Capitol Barricade’s full line of traffic cones ensures uncompromised safety, adhering to the highest standards while addressing the visibility needs of schools, workers, drivers, and events. Invest in the best to safeguard lives and amplify the efficiency of your operations.


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18" Reflective Cone, 6" Collar, 18" Non-Reflective Cone, 28", 7 lbs Reflective Cone, 6" & 4" Collar, 28", 5.5 lbs, Reflective Slimline Cone, 6" & 4" Collar, 28", 10 lbs, Reflective Cone, 6" & 4" Collar, 28″ Non-Reflective Cone – 7lbs


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