Personal Protective Equipment Outwear

Personal Protective Outerwear

Understanding how your personal protective equipment (PPE) works and how to wear it properly are the two most integral steps to keeping yourself and your employees safe. An additional consideration is a manufacturer to partner with.

At Capitol Barricade, we make our PPEs from premium material made of high-density lightweight SMP combined with microporous laminated PP material. These ensure that wearers of our PPE garments are not uncomfortable even after hours of wear. Moreover, our PPEs are made of breathable heavy-duty fabric that’s equally resistant to snapping and tearing.

An Important Part of Your Safety Solution 

At Capitol Barricade, we understand the risks you are exposed to while on the job and the role that our PPEs are expected to play in reducing workplace hazards and providing a full body protection to the wearer.

In appreciation of this fact, all our PPE comes with the retro-reflective tape. Customers looking for PPEs for low-visibility and low-light working conditions should find our PPEs compliant with international and regional high-visibility garment requirements.

The reflective tape on our PPEs is made of thousands of glass beads. When exposed to any light, these glass beads reflect light. This reflective tape allows the worker to be accurately identified as human instead of a static reflective surface or stationary object.

Overall, the configuration and design of our PPE garments make it easy to quickly identify the wearer, thus ensuring occupational safety while on the job.

Compliance with Worldwide High-Visibility Standards   

High-visibility standards for PPEs vary depending on the region. The European Union has the EN ISO 20471, while the US has ANSI 107. Both these dictate the compliance requirements for high-visibility garments and PPE.

As our customer base is mainly in the United States, all our garments comply with ANSI 107, which is why each bears reflective tape. The design does not in any way obstruct or inhibit the function of the tape. Customers within the European Union should rest assured that our PPEs meet the EN ISO 204/71 high-visibility standards.

We also pay close attention to the material’s tensile strength, thermal resistance, and dimensional stability. Similarly, we closely monitor the degree of reflectivity of the reflective strips to ensure each of these complies with regional and international standards.

Trust Our Safety Experts to Provide You with the Best Solution 

We remain a global leader when it comes to manufacturing PPEs that meet the highest standards of safety. This means that with our PPE, your employees should be able to work in whatever high-risk condition the job mandates. Our commitment is to provide our customers with a wide range of products to choose from, all of which enhance workplace safety and protect every employee from any specific hazards.

We have in-house PPE experts that help advise customers on what products best suit their needs. While we are committed to ensuring that the workforce is 100%, our experts work with you to ensure that our PPEs are equally as comfortable and contoured to fit your specifications. We also have garment customization experts on board who can help you with the customization and consequent branding of your PPE.

Our commitment to offering the best solution-centered designs doesn’t end at the point of purchase. Our experts walk with you post-purchase to ensure proper care of your PPEs. As a business, we do not consider your PPE aftercare an afterthought. Our team can step in to help conduct regular maintenance and monitoring of the current condition of your PPEs.

Combining our mastery in PPE design and manufacture with ongoing maintenance and monitoring is a sure way of having your PPEs achieve greater longevity. We understand that caring for your PPEs is crucial. As such, we equip our Capitol Barricade experts to guide you on the best care practice.

Our safety experts insist that whatever the context, it is critical that your PPE is rightly suited to the unique ecosystem and the risks therein. In light of this need, Capitol Barricade offers its customers bespoke solutions that align with their Health and Safety requirements.

Stay Safe with Capitol Barricade Protective Gear 

At Capitol Barricade, we are more than just a supplier. We work side-by-side with our customers to bring certified head-to-foot protective clothing to your workforce. We go beyond unit prices to deliver transformational solutions that keep workplaces and employees safe.

We are consistently scanning the horizon to identify challenges and find sustainable ways of introducing operational efficiency through industry-standard PPEs.

We offer the best full-body suits regardless of where your teams are hard at work. Get in touch to benefit from our industry expertise, review our extensive product range and find a competitive quote.

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