Rain Gear

Personal Protective Rain Gear

Rain doesn’t mean a halt in construction work, so it’s crucial to have quality construction rain gear to keep you dry, comfortable, and, most importantly, able to get the job done.

Rain gear ensures that you and your crew can stay safe on the job site no matter what situations might come up.

In this post, we’ll break down the features that set apart the various construction rain gear offered by Capitol Barricade. After reading this, you’ll have a firm grasp on the characteristics of our rainwear that are most crucial for ensuring your safety in wet conditions.


Capitol Barricade’s construction rain gear has more layers of fabric than standard rainwear, which translates to enhanced durability and exceptional overall effectiveness in keeping you dry.

Rain gear, in particular, can take a beating on outerwear if worn every day at the office. Those who depend on it frequently expect it to last for a long time, which is precisely what it must do. Extras like heavy-duty snaps and high-quality zippers are just a few extras on our construction rain gear. All of our longest-lasting items use Neoprene coverings, and the stitching on neoprene types is strengthened for more extended wear since the material will only accept stitched and taped seams.


Functionality is a crucial aspect you should consider when purchasing your construction rain gear. Functionality may fall between “must have” and “good to have” categories, depending on the nature of your job and the additional tools and accessories you already own. We designed our construction rain gears to be practical since we know that some professionals prefer minimalist rain gear that nevertheless does the job. If you’d want pockets, attachments, or alterations, we have you covered with our construction rain gear.

Adheres to the Global Visibility Standards

Wearing high-visibility apparel in inclement weather like snow and rain helps others notice you in dim settings. In the dimmer light of rain, the retro-reflective materials in high-visibility rain clothing will reflect the light from headlights and other sources.

High-visibility clothing and equipment might be a viable option to make a worksite safer without checking for ANSI 107 compliance. Your rain gear, if required by your job, should be built to ANSI standards. Always double-check the product details of prospective rain gear to see if it complies with ANSI-107 standards.

To accommodate our mostly American clientele, we’ve ensured that all our clothes have reflective tape per American National Standard Institute (ANSI) 107. The reflective tape may still perform its intended purpose without any interference from the design. Our construction rainwear complies with the European Union’s high visibility criteria, EN ISO 204/71.

We also consider the material’s tensile strength, heat resistance, and dimensional stability. We do the same for the reflective strips, ensuring their reflectivity meets national and international requirements.

Guidelines for personal protective equipment high visibility might change from one area to another. EN ISO 20471 is the European Union’s standard, whereas ANSI 107 is used in the United States. High visibility rain gear for the construction industry must adhere to both standards.


Technically speaking, a garment’s “moisture vapor transfer” and the amount of ventilation it provides constitute its breathability. Essential for reducing sweat and wet air buildup, breathability in a lightweight rain jacket is a must. While traditional raincoats did not enable much moisture vapor transfer or breathability, modern technology has developed sophisticated coatings.

Truth be told, when it gets hot outdoors, even the greatest rain gear may start to feel stifling. That’s why we produce clothes with cutting-edge ventilation systems to release excess moisture and heat from the body. Buying more breathable clothes requires considering environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity.

It’s never fun when it’s cold and wet weather, so ensure you’re prepared with high-quality, insulated rain gear for such times. Because synthetic insulation performs better in damp situations, we employ it in our insulated construction rain gear.

Heavy Duty

Heavy grade construction rain gear is necessary for rough labor. The 600gsm+ PVC that goes into making our construction rain gear is perfect for the job.

Commercial fishing and farming are only two fields where workers need reliable rain gear for any adverse weather conditions. The rain gear sold by Capitol Barricade is durable and well-made to endure for a long time.

Choose Capitol Barricade for Your Construction Rain Gear

Capitol Barricade is more than simply another provider. With the help of our partners, we can provide your employees with approved head-to-toe protective clothing. We provide revolutionary solutions that protect businesses and workers without sacrificing unit pricing.

We’ve got jackets, vests, coats, suits, and rain pants to help keep you dry and visible with its safety yellow and reflective striping with adjustable cuffs while it’s raining on a job site.

Please contact us if you’re interested in acquiring our lightweight yet durable rainwear protective clothing. The lightweight polyurethane or nylon composition of the jacket ensures comfort and durability.

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