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Road safety is a crucial aspect of transportation, and traffic control is a critical element in the efficient operation of any transportation system and in ensuring that roads are safe for all users. To achieve this goal, a wide range of tools and devices are used, including object markers and delineator posts. Object markers are used to mark physical objects such as obstacles, barriers, or other obstructions within or adjacent to the roadway. They help alert drivers and other road users to potential hazards and increase road safety. Delineator posts, on the other hand, are used to direct and divide the traffic flows on roadways, particularly in construction zones or during changes in normal traffic patterns.

In this blog, we will discuss what is delineator posts, the benefits of using them for traffic control, the types, different colors, and sizes available, and why you should choose Capitol Barricade for your traffic control needs.

What are Delineator Posts?

Delineator posts are traffic control devices used to indicate or mark the boundaries of a specific lane or to guide traffic flow. They are typically made of plastic or metal and are mounted on the road surface or on a base. It is durable and easy to set up and move, they are ideal for jobs involving narrow streets, opposing traffic, or crowded parking lots.

Delineator posts are used to divide lanes of traffic, direct drivers around obstacles, or mark the edges of construction work zones or other restricted areas. They also warn of a boundary that should not be crossed and help block vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

What are the Different Types of Delineators?

There are several types of delineators used in traffic control, including:

  1. Reflective Delineators: These are the most common type of delineator and are made of plastic or metal with reflective material attached to make them visible at night.
  2. Channelizing Delineators: These are used to channelize or direct traffic and are often used in construction zones or at intersections.
  3. Barricade Delineators: These are used to block off specific areas or lanes and are often used in road work or construction zones.
  4. Flexible Delineators: These are made of flexible materials, such as rubber or foam, and are used to mark the edges of a lane or roadway.
  5. Flashing Delineators: These are equipped with flashing lights and are used to alert drivers to potential hazards, such as a sharp curve or a low bridge.
  6. Temporary Delineators: These are lightweight and portable and are often used for short-term traffic control needs.

The type of delineator used depends on the specific needs of a particular location or situation.

Benefits of Delineator Posts

Delineator posts are an essential tool for traffic control, and they offer several benefits over other types of traffic markers. These benefits include:

Durability and Flexibility One of the biggest advantages of delineator posts is their durability. Delineator posts are made of flexible plastic, which means that they won’t break or suffer significant damage when hit by a vehicle. This results in less maintenance and repair work, and, ultimately, less cost for the user. Additionally, the flexibility of the plastic makes the posts less prone to damage from accidental vehicle impacts, ensuring that they will last longer and provide effective traffic control for a more extended period.

High Visibility

Another advantage of delineator posts, is their high visibility. These plastic posts are designed to be highly visible and prominent, making them ideal for guiding drivers in areas with changed traffic flow. This is especially important in construction zones, where new traffic patterns may confuse drivers, and road safety is a priority. With the use of delineator posts, drivers will be able to see the changes in traffic flow and adjust their driving accordingly, reducing the risk of accidents and improving road safety.

Enhanced Safety

The safety of drivers, passengers, and road users is the primary concern when it comes to traffic control. Delineator posts offer a safe solution, as impacts will not cause major damage to vehicles or result in sharp debris. This is in stark contrast to other types of traffic markers, such as concrete barriers, which can cause significant damage to vehicles and pose a risk to road users.

Colors and Sizes

Delineator posts come in a range of colors and sizes to meet the specific needs of traffic control and road safety. From monochromatic posts to those with white striping or reflective panels, users have the option to choose the post that best suits their needs. This is especially important when considering the visibility of the post, which is essential for effective traffic control.

Base Shape

The shape of the base also plays a role in the versatility of the post. For example, a flat bottom is ideal for mounting the post on the pavement with adhesive, while a pointed bottom is ideal for driving the post into the soil. The height of the post can also be customized, with options ranging from 18 inches to 72 inches tall. This allows users to choose the post height that is most suitable for their particular traffic control needs.

Capitol Barricade: Your Local Traffic Control Equipment Provider in Sacramento

Why Choose Capitol Barricade At Capitol Barricade, we understand the importance of traffic control systems and the role they play in ensuring road safety and even work zone. That is why we offer a wide range of traffic control equipment and traffic signals products, including our selection of delineator posts. As the best traffic control company in Sacramento, our traffic control supervisors team is dedicated to providing high-quality traffic control signs products and excellent customer service, ensuring that your project is a success from start to finish.

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