Pexco FG336 PE 36″ channelizer post. 3M reflective tape with option of one vertical stripe or two horizontal stripes. Pexco FG300 black lite base with 2 pins to lock post and 4 holes to drill into ground.

Posts color options: White, yellow, orange

Tape color options: White, yellow

Other brands, sizes and colors available upon request.

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Revolutionizing Traffic Control: Pexco FG336 PE 36″ Channelizer Post

Unmatched Durability and Precision to Elevate Safety with Enhanced Visibility

Introducing Capitol Barricade’s Pexco FG336 PE 36″ Channelizer Post—a definitive solution designed to elevate safety and streamline traffic control with unparalleled precision. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this channelizer post stands tall as an exemplary guardian of traffic safety equipment on any road, work zones, parking lots, construction sites, and various traffic management zones.

At the core of this remarkable channelizer post lies the Pexco FG336 PE construction, a testament to durability and reliability. Engineered from high-quality polyethylene, this channelizer material not only guarantees longevity, and easy stackable storage, but also ensures resilience against diverse weather conditions, making it a perfect ally in both scorching heat and relentless downpours making it visible near and far, and in any direction.

Customizable Visibility Options, Tailor-Made for Your Safety Needs

Visibility is paramount in any traffic management scenario, and the incorporation of 3M reflective tape into the design underscores a commitment to superior visibility, day or night. The reflective tape option offers versatility, allowing you to choose between a singular vertical stripe or in selecting the enhanced visibility provided by two horizontal stripes. Such customization caters to various traffic safety equipment needs and uniform traffic control devices, ensuring that these channelizer posts seamlessly integrate into diverse environments.

Sturdy Foundation for Unrivaled Stability

Incorporating innovation into functionality, the Pexco FG300 black lite base provides a sturdy foundation for the post. Engineered with precision, this base is equipped with two pins, securing the post firmly in place, guaranteeing stability even in high-traffic areas. Additionally, the base features four strategically positioned holes, and an input signal facilitating effortless installation by allowing delivery of seamless drilling into the ground—a hassle-free process that adds to the post’s reliability.

Vibrant Customization for Every Requirement With Colors That Command Attention

With a plethora of color options available, customization becomes a breeze. Choose from a spectrum of vibrant hues including white, yellow, and orange for the posts, enabling you to align the channelizer with specific safety protocols or to enhance visibility based on distinct environmental settings. Complementing this, tape color options of white and yellow signal and ensure that the reflective elements seamlessly blend with the channelizers post’s color, harmonizing functionality with aesthetics.

Capitol Barricade recognizes the diverse needs of its clientele and stands ready to cater to specific requirements. Our commitment extends beyond standard offerings—other brands, sizes, and colors are readily available upon request. Customization is our forte, and we take pride in meeting and exceeding your expectations, tailoring solutions that align precisely with your unique needs.

In the world of traffic management and safety, precision, reliability, and adaptability reign supreme. The Pexco FG336 PE 36″ Channelizer Post embodies the qualities of uniform traffic control devices, elevating standards and setting new benchmarks in the realm of traffic control. Whether it’s guiding traffic flow, delineating lanes, or demarcating construction zones, this channelizer post stands tall as an indispensable asset, ensuring safety and order in every scenario.

Elevate Safety with Capitol Barricade’s Channelizer Post

Capitol Barricade’s Pexco FG336 PE 36″ Channelizer Post stands as an epitome of excellence, marrying innovation with functionality to deliver a product that surpasses expectations. Embrace the pinnacle of traffic management and safety solutions, and embark on a journey towards enhanced visibility, durability, and adaptability—one channelizer post at a time.

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Post Color

White, Yellow, Orange

Tape Color

White, Yellow




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