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Freeways and Highways have become the arteries of our modern civilization and our roadways have become the veins. Daily, thousands of motorists weave in and around traffic, like figure skaters from point A to point B. We have so many more people on the road than we did 40 years ago, that road safety has become a serious issue. Accidents happen everyday, hopefully these accidents result in just an interruption in our daily lives, but sometimes they can be fatal. Road surface markings, road stencils, and other safety technologies are one of the most important features we can have on the road to prevent accidents from happening.

Capitol Barricade has been in operation for over 40 years and is one of the most trusted names in the business. Not only is the length of time in which we have provided service out of this world, but our quality of work is equally stellar. The efficiency and professionalism in which we handle our business is in a class of its own. We have provided service for the Northern California (Sacramento to Bay Area) market so much so, that you’ve probably seen our helpful road marks, barricades, or other road signs on your daily commute to and from work.Road Stencils Sacramento

A satisfying, cooperative work environment and years of experience have made Capitol Barricade what it is today. Everyday we are growing and expanding our wide range of services. From creating traffic control plants to maintenance of work zone projects, we are continuing to grow. With the recent acquisition US legends, Capitol Barricade, the largest stencil company in the United States has cemented itself as the prime traffic control stencil maker in the West. This new addition to our spectrum of services makes for a comprehensive offer that any project will benefit from, and we would know!

Stencils for Roads and Parking Lots

So what are road stencils anyway? Simply put, road stencils are thin, thermalized aluminum sheets or polymer plastic sheets that can be cut to have different shapes or characters from each sheet. These sheets can be cut into any shape, design or style. After the desired cutout is made this can be laid onto the pavement and painted or sprayed over. This design is then transferred onto the pavement.

Depending on the project’s needs the road legends will typically use specialized pavement paint or pavement thermoplastic. To prevent these paint materials from seeping out of sheet cut out and ruining the signs, extra care and precision should be used in the production stage to make sure that the stencil embraces the ground completely. One thing that Capitol Barricade does to help the road marking stencil painters, is by rolling the edges over on the stencils. A rolled edge provides a preventative measure against paint over spray, making the stencil work easy and more efficient.

Not only can lane designation markings be used on roads, but they can also be used at static locations. Think parking lot stencils for car parking use. The customer’s choice of the paint’s quality and color will determine the lifespan of these signs, depending on type of paint used and weather conditions of that particular area. Some paints can last from 12-36 month, with additional water based paints that allow for an even longer life on the pavement.Road Stencils Sacramento

Stenciled markings and signs can be seen on roads as lane markers, turn signals, driving instructions, and other official traffic codes. On a custom road, benefits include: a passive method to direct the flow of traffic and a non-obtrusive way to inform pedestrians of the safe areas on the road they can take. As for parking lot stencils, those do more than just designate car slots. Handicap signs and other miscellaneous signs needed in a parking area are best applied through the use of these stencils. This makes your job of applying these markings to the road much more consistent and efficient.

That’s already a lot of benefits for simple sheets of metal or plastic to make your job easier and faster, but here are a few additional benefits to using stencils:

Advantages of Using Stencils

  • Safety – A lot of traffic accidents have been prevented by well-placed signs and it is scary how dangerous it can be if they are missing or even worse, misplaced. Safety road marking stencils provide great instruction to all motorists on the road. Any road construction company should take pride in belonging to a group that has a strict rule of compliance to efficient and safe operations, like Capitol Barricade.
  • Order – Imagine busy roads without signs. Traffic would be slow and confusing, if possible at all, with everyone not agreeing on a predefined set of rules set by traffic signs. Yes, this might seem like an improbable scenario, but believe it or not, roads without visual cues and without stoplights do exist!
  • Standardization – Road stencils have made it possible to mass-produce a set of traffic symbols anyone can recognize. If the world tends to be conflicted over everything, at least it agrees on what certain traffic symbols mean.
  • Passive traffic regularization – Stencils have made roads functional without the need for constant supervision. This is due to standardization as mentioned above and also due to the inherently long life of stencils, your road projects won’t need additional manpower to complete.
  • Cheap and Easy to Maintain –  Along with a quick turnover time, stencils don’t cost as much as other road marking methods. The signs produced by these are easy to redo once they start to fade because most stencils are reusable, easy to store, and allow for any type of pavement paint or thermoplastic to be rolled or sprayed over it. For a versatile and low-cost traffic management solution, stencils are the way to go.
  • Simple to Produce –  Number and letter kits make sure that common signs can be made on the fly and CNC router cutters provide remarkable precision to achieve any desired design. We have a custom CNC router to create ANY  stencil you need. Any project that chooses stencils over other methods will benefit from saved time. This is because stencils are quick and easy to produce and reproduce, therefore, limiting the time needed for just the preparation of the material.
  • Easy to apply –  Besides the ease of production, stencils are also very easy to use. You only need to lay them flat on the ground, making sure that there will be no area for pavement paint to seep through, and you’re good to go. They are easy to dry, reuse, and store.
  • Custom Designs –  Any custom road benefits from the stencil’s ability to create non-standard labels or signs easily and without fuss. Companies who wish to paint their logos on their commercial lots should  look into stencils. With a simple process, any complex shape can be cut and produced with a high precision and top-notch quality, as can only be expected from a business that has such an extensive experience on traffic control services.

Acquisition of US Legends

All the above benefits can now be experienced by anyone who chooses Capitol Barricade for their projects, thanks to its recent acquisition of US Legends, a company that specializes in stencil manufacturing. With this new area of expertise to share with their customers, the company has become a one-stop shop for all traffic control servicing needs. In addition to their 40+ years of experience in the rental and sales of traffic equipment. They have become the go-to-gurus of the creation of traffic control plans,  set-up and maintenance, and traffic sign tear-down as well.Road Stencils Sacramento

The merge creates a legitimate promise to customers that their road and parking lot stenciling needs will be realized completely and efficiently. This is thanks to the fast turnover rate of the company, whereas others will take up to a month to complete a project, Capitol Barricade can do it for you in as quickly as 3 days.

And not only do they provide road and parking lot stencils, they can help with the selection of materials too. Thanks to the vast knowledge gathered by US Legends that is now accessible to the company, you can be confident that you’ll get professional stencils made with the help of tried and true experts on this cutting edge technology.

Capitol Barricade is Here for You

Capitol Barricade has once again expanded its considerable wealth in road service knowledge with its recent acquisition of US Legends. Customers can now enjoy the benefit of having to call on only ONE company to partner with from the beginning stage until the end of any road construction project. No need to call other companies for help, there is now one go-to company for any road work. A company that provides a large offering of solutions, from the provision of equipment, up to the finishing touches and application of helpful road markings.

Yes, the subtle but important advantages of road and parking lot stencils are easy to disregard, but just imagine traveling to unfamiliar places that don’t have such an efficient way to communicate traffic information. The world is moving at high speeds today, and these paints on the pavement, easily seen and forgotten, keep us from colliding with each other.

Capitol Barricade is ready to help you with your road marking needs! We have the experience and quality you need for your projects. Special Events and parking lot markers are our specialty. Call today to get your project started.

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