Why You Should Use an Aluminum Stencil

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What is the purpose of an aluminum stencil?

Aluminum Stencil

An aluminum stencil has changed the way companies and individuals have approached painting jobs. If you have ever had to use a stencil made of lesser material, like cardboard, you will know the frustration that is often associated with using them. The lines that are produced from using a subpar stencil are often jagged and unprofessional. Also, a lot of stencils are too thin and flimsy to produce decent results. There is no reason to continue using these types of stencils. Especially, when you have other materials that are stronger and easier to use. Materials, like aluminum, have created an easy way to use stencils.

With the introduction of CNC machines, stencils are now created out of strong materials, such as aluminum and plastic. Aluminum stencils have changed the stencil landscape. They fix the problems that are associated with lesser materials and less precise cutting. Using an aluminum stencil has many benefits over its predecessors. Some of these benefits are, an easier-to-clean surface, a thicker and sturdier material, and a rolled edge.

The surface on these aluminum stencils is easier to clean. It is important to not let paint build up on these stencils. The more paint that builds up on these stencils will take away the benefits of a rolled edge and create an uneven spray line. The dried paint can take away the crisp, clean lines that are supposed to come from a durable aluminum stencil.

Aluminum stencils are thicker and more durable than many other stencil materials. Aluminum stencils from Capitol Barricade are made from thermalized .080” thick flat stock. It is important to keep the stencils flat so that they lay flush on the surface you are spraying. Even though the material is thick and durable, care should still be taken to prevent the stencils from bending and losing their flat shape.

The rolled edge is an essential addition to a stencil. These rolled edges prevent overspray. The last thing you want when painting for another company is a poor finish. Without this rolled edge, there is a greater chance of having thick paint globs left behind. Having this rolled edge is key to having an excellent finished stencil. If you are using the stencil for a professional job, then it will be important for you to have a clean paint symbol. Essentially, aluminum stencils have changed the working world. Everything from crafts to parking lot signs, aluminum stencils are the way to go to get a professional look.

What Can You Use a Stencil For?

Aluminum Stencil

These stencils are excellent in many situations. An aluminum stencil can be used for any painting job that you may have. If you are looking to put symbols in a parking lot, such as arrows and handicap signs, those can be created to your specifications, even parking lot symbols can have customization. For example, you own a business in a certain state and want the handicap signs within the outline of the state. These stencils can be created by a CNC machine so that you get that custom look.

Capitol Barricade keeps numerous stencils in stock for numbers, letters, and common parking lot stencils. Not only can we customize parking lot stencils, we can create whatever you want. If you want your brand in a stencil for the work that you do, then we can make that happen. We can make custom stencils of all types and sizes. Some of these examples are:

  • Hopscotch layouts
  • Company logos
  • Custom words to company logos
  • Custom parking lot symbols

Creating these custom stencils does not take that long. We typically will ship within 3-5 business days. This means that you can order exactly what you want, it will be cut and shipped within that time period. Whether you want to use a stencil for your company or you have a brand for your ranch you want to stencil on your equipment, it can all be finished and in your hands in a matter of days.

Why not add some excitement to your company’s parking lot and get a custom stencil. It will look great and attract a lot of attention. Getting these stencils is not only for aesthetic pleasure but for practical reasons. Imagine a parking lot without the typical signs you are used to seeing, like arrows, pedestrian paths, and specialized parking for certain individuals. Without these essential signs, confusion will prevail and cause your patients, clients, or customers to have a frustrating experience. Essentially, this is a great way to promote your business and have your clients come back again and again.

Different Types of Pavement Marking Stencils

Trafic StencilsIn a parking lot, you have most likely been exposed to numerous painted signs. There is everything from handicapped parking to arrows in a parking lot. These signs have allowed for organized driving in a parking lot. Painted arrows can allow traffic to flow smoothly through a parking lot while helping to avoid wrecks. Other signs, such as handicapped parking, are important for protecting those with ongoing ailments. It allows them to walk a shorter distance to their destination. Other Sacramento parking lot stencils used can involve the following:

  • No parking

  • Reserved

  • Pick up

  • Compact car

  • Visitor

  • Yield

  • Tow away zone

  • Traffic

All of the above assist you as a driver in making good decisions while in a parking lot. They not only help you as a driver, but they can assist the pedestrian. They can assist a pedestrian by helping them to know where they should and should not walk to get to their destination. There are many benefits to having different painted signs in a parking lot.

Just like road signs in Sacramento, parking lot stencils were created to give us information while driving our vehicles. This information will keep us safe. It will also allow us to have an enjoyable driving experience while in a parking lot. Parking lots without guides and painted signs are confusing and frustrating. These often create a parking lot that is full of anxiety. Painted signs in parking lots are often taken for granted, but if you imagine for a second what a parking lot would look like without any lines or painted signs, it would be extremely confusing. You would have people parking and driving wherever they would want. This confusion is wiped away with the use of quality made pavement stencils.

Why Would You Use an Aluminum Stencil Over Plastic

When you have to choose between an aluminum and a plastic stencil, there are certain things that you should realize. Most of the plastic stencils you will find are great but there are some drawbacks to plastic stencils. The positives that come from plastic is that they are light and easy to store. The plastics will also be easy to clean. Plastic will also be extremely durable. Most likely the plastic stencils will not bend, but they will be more prone to breaking. However, even with the drawbacks of using plastic, they are still an excellent choice for any of your stencil needs.

On the other hand, aluminum is a great alternative to using a plastic stencil. Aluminum is durable and if cleaned can last for a really long time. It is also easy to clean, which is important for longevity. One downside to aluminum is that it can bend, if proper care is not taken. If you are aware of your stencils and how they are stored, you should be fine. Placing cardboard or foam in between the stencils can ensure that your forms will not bend.

There is an additional benefit that you will get over using plastic, which is the rolled edge that aluminum will have. As discussed earlier, this rolled edge will prevent any overspray. Drive Aluminum said this concerning aluminum, “Aluminum is naturally corrosion resistant, which helps maintain… structure and increase lifespan. Aluminum is approximately one-third the weight of steel, meaning parts can be made thicker and stronger while still reducing weight.” There are many benefits that come from using aluminum for any of your stencil needs.

How to Care For and Store Parking Lot Stencils

Aluminum Road StencilsIf you want stencils to last a long time, then you will have to take proper care of the stencils. This will involve proper storage as well as cleaning the stencils. Saving money is on everyone’s mind in an ever changing economy. A little bit of care and concern for you parking stencils will allow you to use them over and over. While others who are not taking proper care will have to continually buy new stencils.

It is important to clean the paint off after every session of use. You may think that it is a waste of time to clean the paint off if you are just going to keep painting. However, over time the paint will accumulate and become thicker, which can make the painting process more difficult. This can also cause you to lose the sharp, crisp edges that your stencil should make. Instead, you may get something that looks uneven and jagged. This really is undesirable and may not be accepted by those who own the parking lot.

Even though the aluminum or plastic Sacramento stencils are strong, they still need to be stored properly. If you lay heavy equipment on the stencils, they can still bend and break. A little bend in these stencils can create pockets that paint can get into under the stencil. This will leave uneven lines and blotches after you remove the stencil. It may be wise to place foam or cardboard in between the stencils to protect them from each other and other equipment. Long term storage is also important. Make sure that when you store the stencils nothing too heavy is bending or putting stress on the stencils. The stencils you get from Capitol Barricade are sturdy and durable. They are built to withstand years of painting.

Proper care is still important for their Sacramento stencils to last a long time and work the way that they are supposed to work. These stencils are supposed to lay flush on the pavement to allow for a crisply painted sign. When you get your stencils, be vigilant in where they are stored and how they are maintained. If you do this, you will be able to use the stencils for years and the painted signs will look excellent. Capitol Barricade can start you off on the right foot.

Capitol Barricade has been working with stencils in Sacramento for many years. Recently, they acquired US Legends Stencil Company. This is a well known company that has been known for their excellent stencils around the world. With this acquisition, they are one of the most respected stencil creators in the Western United States. What does this mean for you? It means that you will get excellent expert service and advice when purchasing the stencils that will fit your needs.


Overall, either stencil material is going to be leaps and bounds ahead of materials from the past. Not only that, but the way that these stencils are created allow for clean and concise painted images. Another reason aluminum may be desired over plastic is for it being used as decor. A lot of people like the look of the raw metal stencils hanging on the wall while others opt for a steel stencil. It adds a rustic look to any home or office building. These stencils can also spray paint with your company’s colors to add a unique look. Whether you want to hang a metal stencil in your home or have your brand made to hang on a company wall, there is an option for you.

If you want to know the total letter count or create a custom stencil like changing the lettering differently, making it uppercase letter, or simply needing something that is generic, then contact us or fill up our order form. We can help you choose the stencil material that is best for your situation.

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