The Importance of Sacramento Traffic Control

Road Congestion

It’s no secret: everybody hates heavy traffic. Whether you’re being substantially slowed down due to some sort of roadside construction event, or rerouted because of a simple fender-bender accident on a main road, such circumstances are enough to put us all in a bad mood.

Too often, people look at the various portable barricades, pavement stencils, truck mounted arrow boards, and other traffic control products as the cause of our misery, since it’s these things we have to obey. However, stepping back and looking at the big picture, these products are actually what keep traffic moving at as fast a pace as possible.

Without proper traffic control plans, products, and the people there to enforce them, traffic would come to a screeching halt. If you thought simple construction projects were an inconvenience during your daily commute, imagine how you’d get around in the face of major traffic accidents, pile-ups, and large-scale congestion due to the anarchy that would ensue.

Why Sacramento Traffic Control Is Important for Roadside Construction

In order for Sacramento’s infrastructure to be maintained and to grow, roadside construction needs to take place and the workers to provide this construction have to remain safe. Sure, we all hate seeing traffic in front of us slow to a crawl, and might complain while driving by a busy construction site on a road that just yesterday seemed fine, but this kind of work is a necessary part of living in a functional society.

California traffic control, with all of the water filled barricades and portable traffic signals that come with them, make it possible for our growing population to thrive, rather than devolving into a perpetual state of traffic congestion.

The main factors that Sacramento traffic control takes into consideration are:

traffic control sacramento
  • Worker safety
  • Driver safety
  • Pedestrian safety

The efficiency of the work and the safety of property are all secondary to the safety of people. Without the traffic control plans and products that necessarily slow traffic down, everyone risks their lives. In the end, this actually speeds up traffic. The reason for this is simple. Imagine a construction worker is hit by a vehicle. Medical vehicles, as well as police vehicles, have to essentially stop and redirect traffic in order to close off a highly controlled area so that medical and legal proceedings can occur. Now, rather than moving slowly, you aren’t moving at all.

The Importance of Sacramento Traffic Control for Your Fuel Economy and the Pollution Levels of Our City

Sacramento Traffic Control

California traffic signs do more than just control the way you drive, they keep traffic streamlined as well. As stated above, without traffic control plans and signs, massive, large-scale accidents and congestion would occur.

Furthermore, streamlined traffic helps you save on fuel economy. When you have the ability to drive at a relatively consistent pace, rather than stopping and starting suddenly, you use up less fuel. Sudden accelerations expend far more fuel. Not only that, but they increase fuel emissions, which contributes to greater air pollution in our city.

The Importance of Sacramento Traffic Control in Mitigating Road Rage Incidents

Road rage is an incredibly destructive impulse in people for many reasons. One, it is essentially “impersonal”. We don’t see the person we are enraged at directly, only the box of mobile metal they are encased in. Two, we ourselves are enclosed in what is essentially a private room. These instances lead to the worst instincts in people coming out, and we tend to make irrational and incredibly dangerous decisions behind the wheel as a result.

Poor traffic control can lead to a higher amount of road rage incidents. The simple fact of having improper California traffic signs, missing or faded out pavement marking stencils, and other traffic control products means people end up making improper driving moves. This as a result creates animosity from the people around them.

Any time someone aggressively slams on the gas, cuts someone off, or speeds next to or around someone, lives are being put at risk. Our vehicles aren’t just vehicles – they’re dangerous killing machines if used improperly.

Road rage is especially dangerous in areas where roadside construction is taking place. Improper traffic control plans or a lack of pavement stencils and portable traffic signs can lead to people making all kinds of bad driving moves, and from there, inspiring anger from those around them.

Capitol Barricades Provides the Equipment You Need for Proper Sacramento Traffic Control

Sacramento Traffic Control

As a company that’s been dedicated to traffic control for over 30 years, we’ve seen it all. We know what it takes to make traffic run safely and efficiently, be it a:

  • Parking lot
  • Work zone lot
  • Roadside construction site
  • Street or highway

We will help keep traffic running smoothly so that pedestrians, drivers, and workers can remain safe from accidents. Some of the many products we offer for sale or rent include include:

  • Truck mounted arrow boards
  • Portable arrow boards
  • Parking lot stencils
  • Traffic control plans
  • Portable barricades
  • Pavement stencils
  • Portable traffic signs
  • Portable traffic signals
  • Traffic control rental equipment of all kinds
  • Water filled barricades
  • Parking lot striping stencils
  • Aluminum stencils
  • Road marking stencils
  • Arrow boards for trucks
  • Ver Mac portable traffic signals

And plenty more.

Why Capitol Barricade Is One of The Leading Sign & Traffic Control Company in Sacramento

As one of the leading Sacramento sign companies, we will provide everything needed to meet this requirement, and that’s exactly what you will get with Capitol Barricade. Having been in the business for over 30 years, we are the experts you can rely on. You can count on our signs to be in full compliance with all state and federal requirements and guidelines.

Our signs are comprised of materials such as:

  • Aluminum

  • Wood

  • Acrylic

  • PVC

  • Sign Foam

  • ChemMetal

As one of the leading Sacramento sign companies, we provide anything you need for any project imaginable.

ADA Signs

We provide signs that are in full compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. These signs are both highly visible and can be interpreted through tactile touch. Not only are they created with braille, they are also designed specifically for those with vision impairment.

From our Sign Shop, we provide:

  • Custom ADA signs

  • Window inserts

  • Informational signs

  • Safety signs

  • Handicap parking signs

  • Fine signs

  • Restroom signs

And more.

Temporary Traffic Control Signs

Road work is an inconvenience for drivers and pedestrians, but it is a necessary part of maintaining our infrastructure, and traffic control is an essential part of this process. As one of the leading Sacramento sign companies, we will ensure that road construction remains smooth, efficient, and safe.

We have plenty of commonly required traffic control signs at our Sign Shop, featuring messages such as:

  • Road Work

  • Work Zone

  • End of Work

  • Utility and Maintenance Work

  • Roads Undergoing Construction

Need something more specific? We likely have it, or can make it using our CNC router.

Warning Signs

Sacramento Sign Companies

When dangerous or unforeseen road conditions are up ahead, drivers and roadway users need something to alert them. Whether you need signs indicating that drivers need to reduce their speed, or that specific actions need to be taken to ensure the safety of both themselves and those around them, we have exactly what you need. As one of the leading Sacramento sign companies, we provide signs indicating:

  • Traffic control conditions

  • Road width

  • Weather

  • Surface conditions

  • Intersections

  • Traffic control notices

We can even provide signs for additional information to go along with pre existing road signs.

Regulatory Signs

When you need to alert drivers to road regulations and requirements, you can count on regulatory signs from one of the leading Sacramento sign companies. These signs all conform to California DOT regulations and ADA regulations, having been designed for maximum visibility throughout the day and night.

We provide:

  • Parking signs

  • Yielding signs

  • Stop signs

  • Speed limit signs

  • Lane control signs

  • Passing signs

  • Slow traffic signs

  • One way signs

  • Divided highway signs

  • Road feature signs, including roundabouts and closed roads

  • Weight limit signs

  • Truck route and truck speed limit signs

We have many of these signs on reserve, however, if you need more specific or unusual signs, we can create whatever you might need.

Banners & Project Signs

As one of the leading Sacramento sign companies, we can create full color banners out of latex for events such as:

  • Weddings

  • Parties

  • Concerts

  • Projects

And more.

With our state of the art technology, we can design custom signs and banners with any message you might need. The materials we use for our banners and project signs include:

  • Project Signs – Full Color Digital, Plywood , Aluminum, Coroplast

  • Banners – Full Color Digital, Gloss, Matte, Hemmed or Grommets


We provide a wide variety of stencils and can design custom stencils to accommodate any of your needs. We can provide stencils comprised of both polymer plastic or thermalized aluminum. They can be cut into any style, design, or shape.

We are one of the leading Sacramento sign companies because we provide stencils that are:

  • Custom designed: Whether it’s a simple or complex shape, we can generate it. Your stencil will be cut to precision with our custom CNC router.

  • Cheap and easily produced: We can make many commonly required stencils quickly and efficiently with our number and letter kits. Our CNC router generates the required shape in no time. Stencils are low cost, and provide a versatile means of traffic management.

  • Designed for safety and order: Like all forms of traffic control, stencils are a crucial factor in maintaining order, and ensuring the safety of drivers, workers, and pedestrians alike in areas like private and public parking lots, driveways, and public roads.

In December of 2015, we purchased US Legends Pavement Marking Division. US Legends is a respected stencil manufacturer in the Western USA. Our company is known for high quality, reliable stencils. Incorporating USL stencils is yet another factor that has made us one of the leading Sacramento sign companies.

 Functions of Our Sacramento Rental Equipment

Sacramento Traffic Control

  • Construction Barricades – Some of the most important Sacramento traffic control products we offer, these barricades are made to absorb the impact of vehicles, and redirect them from workers and pedestrians. In doing so, they also protect the driver as much as possible. Overall, these portable barricades mitigate the consequences of traffic accidents. They are also very easy to set up, transport, and put away after their use.

  • Construction, Safety, and Traffic Cones – We offer a range of these products to allow drivers to safely merge lanes, and direct traffic safely alongside or away from construction projects or other areas that vehicles should be avoiding. They are made specifically to be highly visible both day and night.

  • Delineators – We offer temporary arrow top delineators, all of which include 12 pound bases to keep them stable. They are available in yellow, white, and orange.

  • Barrier Tape – This is an easy way of closing off certain areas in which vehicles or pedestrians are not allowed.

  • Temporary Traffic Lights – These are fantastic options for projects like bridge repair, one-lane work, and similar projects.

  • Transverse Rumble Strips – These alert drivers through both sound and physical sensations in the body. They will snap drivers into alertness, and are easy to set up and tear down.

  • Traffic Control Signs – All of our California traffic control signs are made in strict conformity with regulations from the California DOT and ADA.

Final Thoughts

In the intricate landscape of urban development, Sacramento Traffic Control emerges as the unifying force that ensures a seamless coexistence between progress and accessibility. Beyond the pragmatic orchestration of vehicular and pedestrian flow, it symbolizes the bridge between businesses and customers, granting unhindered access that fuels economic vitality.

The industry stands as a testament to the unyielding dedication of a cohesive team, exemplifying the significance of collaboration in modern service sectors. Just as signage directs the path, Sacramento Traffic Control guides the trajectory of safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

If you have any custom requirements for stencils or other traffic control signs, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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