Aluminum Stencils

Unlike regular stencils made of plastic, an aluminum stencil is highly durable, easy to clean, and resistant to deformation and wear through normal use. All aluminum stencils manufactured by Capitol Barricade are made from thermalized .080″ thick flat aluminum stock which allows them to lay extremely flat on almost any surface. This allows for simple and easy paint application. The edges of all of our aluminum stencils are rolled which help to reduce the risk of paint overspray onto the surface being painted. This feature is not found in thermoplastic stencils on the market.

Aluminum stencils are easy to clean and resist deep scratches and cracks that plastic stencils can sustain. Easy cleanup means less time maintaining equipment and more time actually getting work done. Aluminum is also corrosion resistant so they won’t rust if accidentally left out in the rain or snow. Aluminum does not degrade in sunlight over time and will provide continuous functionality in even the most demanding work environments.

Types of Aluminum Stencils Capitol Barricade Stocks

You’ve seen them almost everyday – pavement markings such as:

  • STOP
  • ADA compliant legends
  • …and other graphics

In addition to standard formats and legends, Capitol Barricade also manufactures custom stencils based on almost any need our customers have. We employ a start-of-the-art CNC router that can be programmed to cut just about any design, shape, or word. Popular requests include:

  • Company logos
  • Custom wording
  • Hop-scotch layouts
  • Imagery
  • …and much more.

If you have an idea in your head, we can most likely make that idea a reality. Contact Capitol Barricade at CALL (916) 451-5176 or use the form on this page to drop us a line.

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How We Work

We can turn around custom aluminum stencil orders in about 3-5 days including cutting, packing, and shipping from our facility. No other pavement stencil manufacturing company can match our efficiency and prompt service. We strive to provide outstanding customer service, unbeatable value, and exceptional products at affordable prices. We guarantee all of our aluminum stencils against defects in workmanship. We will gladly address any concerns you may have and should the unlikely occur, we will fix any problem or replace any stencil should we not live up to your expectations.

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