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Every job site has countless potential hazards that can lead to severe injuries without proper precaution. According to OSHA safety guidelines, companies that cannot eliminate all safety hazards within their workspace must provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to employees for occupational safety.

From the force of nature, equipment, and chemical hazards use in industries. The list of injuries that can happen on a job site is endless. It would be best to ensure your employees are prepared for any workplace hazards or anything the job site will throw at them, keeping them safe and productive.

Protective clothing used in workplaces does not eliminate these risks but will reduce accidents by placing barriers between the hazard and the company worker. Every industry and work environment will have a unique risk that is sometimes easy to recognize. While some hazards may be hidden, you can easily avoid them with the proper gear.

At Capitol Barricade, we pride ourselves on being Northern California’s premier outfitter of all protective gear and safety equipment for all industries and construction activities. For over 50 years, we have been the region’s most reliable source for all personal protective equipment and workwear. Find some of our top products here that are available in our product selection category


The workplace for industry, at-height workers, and construction face diverse risks, and the weather can be extremely unpredictable. It is important to remain prepared for anything that can happen during the job or weather.

Capitol Barricade has all the gears you need and is specific to your industry. We have everything from jackets, outerwear, and shirts. You can also remain safe and comfortable while on the job site.

You can choose from our vast selection of base and mid-layer clothing for all your job site apparel. Whether you need shirts, jackets, pants, coats, or sweatshirts, Capitol Barricade has all the base & mid-layer clothing you need. The main reasons most people in the Northern California region trust us to include:

  • Will act as a total barrier against infiltration of harmful substances at the workplace

  • In case of infiltration, it will reduce the extent of injuries from severe to minor

  • Protect employees long enough to escape an area of hazard

Some of our top apparels include:


Only a few things present greater risk than Mother Nature. Your employees will always have to work even on the wildest days in the winter cold, where hypothermia can wreak havoc on their bodies. Jackets can help in this situation.

At Capitol Barricade, we are dedicated to being your gear experts and offer a range of custom branded jacket styles to help keep your employees warm no matter how cold the temperatures are. 


Apart from jackets, we also have outerwear to help you combat the cold weather. Your employees can wear these apparel outside others like pants and shirts. Our store has a range of outerwear, including sweatshirts, coats, heated clothing, overalls, rain suits, socks, hoodies, ponchos, and more.


The pants are essential and keep employees safe, just like other appeals on this list. No pants are created equal. We have a full selection of work pants and shorts you can choose from. These gear are designed with safety in mind to ensure you get the job done and stay safe.


The shirts are another essential part of PPE and workwear. They protect workers’ skin and can play a pivotal role in protecting against harsh weather. We have a large selection of shirts featuring everything you need for your employees to stay safe. You can choose between the short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts that will suit any condition you need for your job site.

Equally important, we can fix you any kind of shirt you need and create a custom logo to fit your crew and promote your company on the job site. Our customizable option comes in all shapes and sizes. Once you select the colors, sizes, and quantity, we start work immediately and get you the shirts as soon as possible.

Get Your PPE Supplies Today From Capitol Barricade

We understand that you take pride in your employees and want to keep them safe. We want to ensure you make your job a lifestyle, not just a profession. At Capitol Barricade, we have a full line of custom personal protective equipment and work wear.

We have been the source of protective apparel for many years, so we understand your needs. From base to mid-layer, you can always find the best-branded swag, jackets, pants, outerwear, and shirts to keep you safe and comfortable on the job site. If you need to learn more about our PPE & Work Wear selection, request a quote today.

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