iTraffic Systems

Queue Monitoring Systems

Queue monitoring is a reliable and effective way to inform motorists of upcoming traffic scenarios as they approach a work zone. Our “turnkey” systems offer cutting-edge technology with ease of use as a first priority. The pre-programmed equipment is positioned at the specified locations and simply turned to ON.


QMS1000 utilizes one portable changeable message sign (PCMS) and one trailer mounted arrow board both with a radar system and a modem. The QMS1000 monitors traffic approaching an active work zone and then displays preprogrammed messages based upon the traffic’s behavior. For example, when traffic is flowing at or near normal speed, the PCMS placed upstream (1-2 miles) from the arrow board displays a message such as ROAD WORK AHEAD. When the traffic falls below a specified rate of speed, the radar unit senses the change and relays the information to the PCMS which then displays a message such as SLOW TRAFFIC AHEAD.

Should approaching traffic come to a stop, the radar would once again relay the information to the CMS which would automatically display a message such as STOPPED TRAFFIC AHEAD. When traffic queuing is occurring near the PCMS, the PCMS will detect the traffic queue and send a automated text alert to the traffic control person in charge or the Traffic Management Center. Based on the alert PCMS can be relocated or other counter measure can be deployed for traffic queuing.


QMS2000 add one PCMS with a modem to the QMS1000 system. This system offers the user more flexibility in regards to the messages and alerts shown to motorists. For example PCMS #1might read STOPPED TRAFFIC AHEAD, and PCMS #2 might read PREPARE TO STOP. With the radar system mounted on one of the PCMSs, actual travel time delays can be calculated and displayed. For example, PCMS #1 might read SLOW TRAFFIC AHEAD and PCMS #2 might read EXPECT 20 MIN. DELAY. All of this can be preprogrammed and ready to go with the flip of the switch.

Additional PCMSs with modems can be added when necessary. With little or no cost, both the QMS1000 and QMS2000 systems can be incorporated into a more comprehensive ITS system such as Traffic Responsive Systems. They can also be used as temporary replacement of sensors and CMSs when road work disrupt permanently installed ITS elements.

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