The COVID-19 Outbreak And Our Response

We appreciate all of our customer’s patience and understanding during the COVID-19 outbreak. The amount of cooperation we have seen globally to overcome this disease is truly a marvel. Due to the risk that this disease poses to much of the world’s population and the population of Sacramento, we have begun by restricting the will-call hours of our facilities.

It is the nature of our industry to be ready to respond to emergencies at a moment’s notice and so we will not be changing our emergency services or our delivery schedule. We know you all still have jobs to do. And we won’t be the ones to keep you from doing it.

Don’t Panic Over COVID-19

Canceled On Flight Board

We thought we’d take this moment to explain why everything has been canceled. While it may feel like it. The cancellation of March Madness and restrictions of gatherings to less than 10 people does not mean that the world is ending. These are simply preventative measures being implemented by our government and public institutions to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our Healthcare system has a limited number of beds, doctors, and nurses with which they can care for patients. Without restricting the spread of the virus the number of afflicted persons would exceed our healthcare system’s capacity for care, leaving many without treatment and at greater risk. By exercising caution and taking care to maintain the pseudo-quarantine we are experiencing you are helping to protect those most at risk. Allowing everyone who contracts the virus to receive the care they need.

Remember Our Humanity

Helping Elderly Neighbor during COVID-19 Outbreak

We ask you to take special care during this time of tumult to remember those being affected around you. As unfortunate as it is, many people have lost their jobs, and are quite afraid of the future. There’s a lot we can do to care for them without exposing either party to any risk. We could make someone dinner and leave it for them on the porch. We could mow the lawns of those who can’t. Or simply reach out to our neighbors and make sure they’re doing alright. We’re all in this together. In closing, we’d like to challenge everyone that reads this to think of a way they can help someone in their life during these tough times.

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