What To Look For In A Continuous Cement Patch

Cement Patch
Cement Patch

If you have any concrete near or on your personal or business property, you know how important it is to keep it maintained. Concrete that is chipped, pitted, broken, or damaged not only looks unsightly, but invites even more damage, loose concrete, and wear due to weakness, freezing and thawing, and other environmental factors. These issues of the concrete surfaces can and should be repaired in a timely fashion, and by choosing the best type of concrete patching material for the damage being repaired, the existing concrete, the surrounding concrete, and the environment the concrete is in.

What Is Cement Or Concrete Patch?

First, let’s understand what concrete is. Concrete is a blend of sand, gravel, and portland cement. Many people believe that concrete and cement are interchangeable terms, but in fact, they are different, and cement is an ingredient in the concrete mix. Cement itself is a powdered blend of many things, such as limestone, clay, and iron ore among others. These substances are crushed and run through a screen, then placed into a cement kiln. In the kiln, the mix is exposed to extremely high temperatures where it coalesces into a lump which is referred to as clinker. The clinker is allowed to cool, then is pulverized into a powder. This powder is referred to as Portland cement. Concrete is a blend of gravel, sand, sometimes crushed stone, or other aggregates. These are mixed with a paste of Portland cement and water, and that’s concrete. With concrete in a driveway, on a road, or wherever is damaged, we don’t repair it with more concrete, or cement. It would simply shrink as it dried and chip or break out of the original spot that was to be repaired. Instead, we make fills and concrete repairs with a patching compound specifically for concrete repair. This is called a cement patch, or concrete patch. Many of these patching compounds can be called cementitious patching compounds because they have the nature of cement, but with additives that allow them to bond or adhere better to the damaged concrete. These additives can be in the form of epoxies (resin and hardener) or polymers like acrylic or vinyl. These help the concrete patching compound be more flexible, easier to handle, and with a low-slump. Slump refers to the ratio of cement to water, lower slump concrete patch is denser, easier to work with, and dries quickly. Because of the polymers or resins, the patch has more flexibility and can withstand freezing or high temperatures so the patch will last longer.


How And Why To Use Cementitious Patch

Basically, if you have concrete at your business or home, there is a good chance at some point it may need repair. Driveways get cracked, sidewalks can become worn or pitted, and patios can become chipped or have breaks. The concrete around pools, building foundations, RV pads, and even parking lots will need maintenance. Any concrete surface can be exposed to moisture, temperature changes, and even vegetation. All of these situations can lead to damage or cracked concrete. If damage is left without repair, it is inevitable that the damage will get worse. Moisture will seep into uneven breaks and cracks, freezing will cause the moisture to expand which will cause more breaking and cracking. A cement patch can be used to make permanent repair at home, or large repairs, such as business parking lots. Concrete patches in general will be harder and more durable than the original concrete. They will work for both indoor and outdoor applications. The cementitious patch will dry in 4 to 6 hours, and be cured in about 3 days. It can be painted over in most cases as soon as a week after the damaged area has been repaired.

Capitol Barricade Continuous Cement Patch

Capitol Barricade sells a concrete patch that will repair a small concrete cracks, large cracks, small or large areas, flat surfaces such as concrete slabs, and many other concrete surfaces. Our Cementitious Patch has the following qualities:

  • The fast setting for increased turnaround time

  • Low slump formulation that enables easier shaping and molding, no forms are necessary

  • Ideal for pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete patching

  • Great freeze and thaw resistance, with long-term strength and stability

Capitol Barricade has been locally owned and operated in Sacramento for over 40 years. We service all aspects of traffic control such as barricades, signs, stencils, rentals, and sales, including ourCementitious Patch compound. If you are interested in our concrete patch or other ways to repair and maintain concrete, or if you have questions about our other services and products, please contact us today!

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