How to Reduce Traffic Problems

The amount of traffic on roadways is increasing every single day. Adhering to traffic rules to make sure that pedestrians, as well as drivers and their passengers, are kept safe is becoming more important than ever. By providing people with information on roads with the help of traffic control services that are provided by traffic control companies, we are one step closer to increasing the safety on the roads. One of the many ways to control traffic is to use pavement marking stencils and parking lot striping stencils .

Parking Lot Striping Stencils

Visual signs, like pavement marking stencils, play a vital role in providing correct flow of traffic for drivers and pedestrians alike. One of the most widely used ways to depict information regarding vehicular traffic are pavement marking stencils and parking lot striping stencils. Lack of visual information can cause chaos on a road or even a parking lot. Due to this lack of information, a person will unknowingly park his or her vehicle in the wrong place, which can lead to confusion, a possible hefty fine, and possibly an accident. Properly marking designated areas for roadway and parking lot users can help to avoid such issues in the future.traffic control stencils sacramento

What are pavement markings?

Pavement marking and signs are a way to communicate with the pedestrians and drivers. They help in delivering much needed messages that can prevent accidents and other issues from happening while driving or walking on the road.

They can help to guide a driver, how to drive or take a route, which is suitable for them, and which way is safe to take. In order to take full advantage of California traffic signs and pavement markings, one needs to know and understand the meaning of the signs and symbols. A simple line of different colors can have different implications. It may appear as one single straight line, but it can provide the driver with vital information. Therefore, every driver is tested about road safety, signs and symbols, and other traffic jargon while applying for their driver’s license. In fact, knowledge of road signs  and symbols are so important that school children are also taught about their meaning and their importance at a young age. There are various kinds of stencils available, which are used along pavement markers. Some of the most commonly used pavement markers are: reflective pavement markers, temporary reflective pavement markers, and reflective pavement marker tape.

Traffic control services help in ensuring and maintaining safety on road with the help of  several different types of equipment and technology. There are so many advanced tools and equipment available in the market that have made visual communication more easier than ever. Along with this, safety traffic control services are laying greater emphasis on use of renewable material, which is not only biodegradable, but is cheaper to procure. Equipment such as cones and barricades, which were once only made of non renewable plastics are now made of LDPE plastics, rubber, and PVC. The Environmental Protection Agency has made stringent rules regarding pollution control and is taking further action to protect the environment. Keeping in mind the environment the use of solar powered lights and reflectors are increasing as never seen before. LED light bulbs are being used instead of the normal bulbs since they have a longer life span and go through less maintenance than the previous bulbs.

Road Sign Application Guidelines

  1. The material used for marking the signs should be permanent and long lasting. This decreases the need for long term maintenance.
  2. The marking needs to be legible and must convey the message properly
  3. The marking itself should not cause any side effects to the driver. This would include a bump or slippery surface on the roadway or parking lot area that could result in an accident.
  4. The marking needs to be placed in the proper area and should be visible from a distance.

In order to mark a symbol or sign which fulfills the guidelines shown above, pavement paint or pavement thermoplastic solution is used to fill the stencil marking in order to obtain the desired symbol or marking. Stencils can be made of various materials that can withstand high temperature and define clear and concise marking. Aluminum stencils are one of the most widely used materials used for stencils, due to their composition and high durability.  One of aluminium’s features are its fine malleability, which makes it easy to mold and carve into desired shapes and symbols. Apart from its malleability, it is also very durable and can be made to lie flat on a surface without any bumps or edges. These type of stencils are easy to clean up and require less maintenance. Some other types of stencils that are used are thermoplastic stencils that are made of low density, polyethylene or high density, polyethylene material.

These stencils are commonly used for various road signs and symbols such as, “ No Parking, School Zone Ahead, Loading Zone, etc”.  These pavement marking stencils help with traffic direction and follow strict guidelines that are regulated by the government.  There are also various custom built stencils that are used for private use. This could be the logo of a company or an event. Many companies that deal with the production of custom built stencils already stock a wide variety of stencil symbols such as, a tree, children or school signs. Along with the letters and numbers in various fonts and sizes, the manufacturer, will  also build custom stencils for a specific order with different logos, symbols or italics.traffic control stencils sacramento

One of the most commonly used stencils and markings that most people see on road signs and pavement is definitely, “No Parking” or “Parking” signs. Many people would rather buy a marking stencil themselves so that they do not have to pay for the labor. However, one must realize that pavement marking is not a do-it-yourself activity and can lead to accidents if not done correctly. If you are in the market for a parking lot stencil, there are a few things to consider before you purchase one.

There are three things that you need to look for when purchasing  stencil for your projects:

  1. Materials used – There are not a ton of different options when it comes to different materials for your stencils, but considering if you will want to use your stencil one time or many times can help you in the buying process. Some people like to buy cardboard stencils for their projects, the drawback with cardboard stencils are that they are a one time use stencil. Cardboard soaks up the paint and can cause the stencil to become soggy and warped after the first application. The best, long lasting stencil material you can buy for your projects are stencils that are made of low density polyethylene plastic (LDPE). This material is strong and can be molded into any shape easily. Not only is LDPE more durable it is easy to clean up because leftover paint can be peeled off from the edges. It’s robust structure allows for it to be used over and over again for many future projects.
  2. Thickness – The thickness of your stencil plays an important part in perfect pavement marking. If a stencil is too thin you run the risk of paint seeping through, or having an uneven symbol or sign. Thin stencils (about 10 mil in thickness) are best used on a smooth pavement. If you are using a more volatile paint or are on an uneven area thicker stencil pay be more appropriate for your project. For parking lot stencils it is best to use a stencil that is in 60-125 Mil thickness range. Professional parking lot striping companies mostly use stencils that are 125 mil thick.
  3. Length and Width of Stencil – The overall dimensions of a the stencil depends on what the clients requirements are. Various stencils can be custom built depending on the size of the design. It is important to note that the width of the stencil must be able to hold the paint so that the paint does not overflow off of the stencil. When we talk about length we are referring to the length of the letters or symbols that need to be painted on the ground. A normal length for parking lot letters can range from 12 inches to 18 inches. Another thing to keep in mind is the spacing between the letters. Normally, a two inch distance between each letter is appropriate. To be safe, if the weather in your area can get really hot, you may want to increase the spacing about a half an inch. The width of the letter completely depends on the design of the sign. Usually for parking lot spaces the letters about eight to nine inches for a twelve inch letter. Last, but not the least, if you are manually filling the stencil, then a brush stroke makes a lot of difference. The size of the brush stroke completely depends upon the size of the letters. For a twelve inch letter it is best to use a two and half wide inch brush stroke. For a twenty-four inch letter you  would need a four inch brush stroke.
  4. Traffic Control Servicestraffic control stencils sacramentoThere are many other traffic control services other than parking lot striping stencils which can help to ensure traffic on the road is controlled and accidents do not happen. Some of these services consist of setting up, tearing down, and looking after road works. For these different activities, a planned schedule is followed along with experienced staff that understands what is going on. In order to perform these duties, prebuilt equipment, along with custom built equipment, such as street and direction signs, are made.

There are companies that specialize in the coordination traffic through various ways. Big cities, like Los Angeles, often host extravagant events like concerts and other entertainment functions. Traffic control services play a very important role in dealing with these types of events. Some of the equipment they use to help with the safe flow of traffic are:

Cones – There are various types of cones that can be used for obstructions, diversions, and to isolate a particular area. Cones are used at construction sites, safety zones and at heavy traffic areas. Few of the cones, which are used by traffic control services are construction cones, safety cones, and traffic cones.

Traffic signs – There are variety of signs which are used to regulate traffic on busy roads. These signs are operated and managed by the road safety department, in conjunction with, California traffic signs. Some of the widely used traffic signs consist of stop signs, safety signs, street signs, and other identification signs.

Temporary traffic lights – Temporary traffic lights become necessary when traffic needs to make a detour due to construction or an accident by traffic control services. There may be two way traffic lights or a convention traffic light. These come in very handy when controlling the chaos on the road in emergency situations or special events.

Barricades (Of all types) – A barricade is a very effective piece of  equipment that is  used for closing, restricting, or delineating a part of the road. Barricades come in various shapes and sizes and can be joined together to form a wall like structure, which helps in restricting entry. Barricades that are used at night time come with special retro-reflective tape and with flashing lights attached.

Barrier tape Barrier tape is used most often by the police, as a police line that isolates a particular area from public access. Tape is often used at the scene of a crime or accident. It helps to restrict entry and as acts a warning symbol. Barrier tape consists of a chevron design and helps to alert the public of any possible threat or danger. Hazard tape is used by California traffic signs for industrial areas where there is the possibility of hazardous gases or emissions.

Battery Operated and Solar Powered Traffic Lights – Battery operated traffic lights are easy to install and are very quick to operate. They work especially well in the case of temporary arrangements. They can come with high performing LED lights that do not require any charging. Solar lights are becoming more common as cableless traffic light and are more efficient than their predecessors.

Temporary Pedestrian crossings – In road works and construction sites, traffic control services will construct temporary pedestrian crossings. These temporary crossings allow for the pedestrians to easily cross the road without any danger. Often, these temporary crossings come with traffic lights and pelican crossing, which help with the safety of the pedestrian.

Variable Message Signs (VMS)-Variable Message Signs are mostly used as an electric sign, which appears on a board with the help of led lights. They convey a visual message such as a diversion, heavy traffic, long queues, etc. They are excellent in conveying a message such as, “Expect heavy traffic for the next five miles”. They are also widely used in car parks to show whether there is availability or not. Other messages such as speed limit, reduced speed ahead, and traffic conditions, are also conveyed with the help of Variable Message Signs.traffic control stencils sacramento

Traffic control companies are also making use of new and advanced technologies that consist of computer aided design programs which provide special instructions to control traffic. These traffic control companies have specialized applications which can be configured with GPS systems and provide a live feed and help to plan the journey accordingly. The user of these new technologies are able to select whatever option he or she is looking for. For example, if the person is looking for the shortest distance from point A to point B then he can put himself on route to the shortest route. Traffic control companies work along with these application to provide efficient services without compromising on quality. If the current route is too congested, with the help of these directions and plans, traffic can be diverted to another route.

It is the duty of traffic control services to make use of all the techniques of California traffic signs and different equipment such as parking lot striping stencils. These are some of the best services we can provide to help the roadways and parking lots be safe for everyone.