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For over thirty years, Capitol Barricade has been providing traffic control systems to the Northern California area. We proudly offer a full-service sign shop that has a CNC router to create custom street signs, custom shapes, flat-cut letters, and much more. Whether it’s a street name sign, a G-7, or a simple banner for your project – we are ready when you need us! You can rely on us to not only provide the equipment you need, but to help you establish traffic control plans as well.

We provide custom regulatory traffic signs that conform to all California DOT, MUTCD, and ADA regulations to keep everyone safe for years to come.

Warning signs are important for alerting drivers or roadway users of an unforeseen condition on the road. Capitol Barricade creates and designs warning signs for almost any application.

Capitol Barricade’s custom designed signs help people move smoothly along the road while construction is going on. We guarantee clear visible signs to help make the roadways safe.

Under the American with Disabilities Act, we create signs that are both clearly visible to read visually and to read through tactile touch.

Street Signs

Street Name Signs

Here at Capitol Barricade we create custom street signs that conform completely to the California DOT, and ADA regulations. We are here for all your street naming needs. from residential, to Interstate, we can make it here.

Do you need a banner for your next event or upcoming project? Capitol Barricade makes custom designed banners and project signs at our traffic control sign shop to fit any and all of your needs.

At Capitol Barricade traffic control shop we also offer a variety of stencil services. Our road stencils are thin, thermalized aluminum sheets or polymer plastic sheets that can be cut to have different shapes or characters from each sheet. 

Why Choose Capitol Barricade?

With so many different options to choose from and custom design possibilities at our traffic control shop, Capitol Barricade is sure you will be able to find what you are looking for. Our quality CNC routing and large format latex printing are designed to last, and keep your project running on time. We also offer rental services for all of our traffic control systems if you are looking for a one time, temporary need. We offer these other services for all your traffic planning:

  • Construction cones
  • Safety cones
  • Traffic cones
  • Stop signs
  • Safety signs
  • Temporary traffic lights
  • Custom traffic signs
  • Two-way traffic signs
  • Barricades
  • Hard road barricades
  • Construction barriers
  • Barrier tape
  • Transverse rumble strips

Still not seeing what you need for your next project? Unsure of what you need to secure your work zone? Capital Barricade can assist you in planning and executing your plans for your next project or event. Capitol Barricade’s traffic control sign shop is the right choice for you. “We build job specific traffic control plans and we offer old fashioned friendly advice.”

CNC Routing

Street Sign Blanks • Custom Shapes • Flat-Cut Letters • Aluminum • Wood • Acrylic • PVC • Sign Foam • ChemMetal
Sign Shop CNC Router Cutting out Signs
Sign Shop CNC Router Cutting out Signs

Large Format Latex Printing

Signs • Banners • Photos • Canvas • Trade Show Graphics
Sign Shop Large format Banner Printer
Sign Shop Large Format Printer
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