Traffic Control Devices

Flagger Joe Safety Sign Systems

Flagger Joe

A crash-tested and Caltrans-approved device designed to provide shade, increase flagger visibility and reduce flagger fatigue. Ideal for long-term flagger operations in high heat and low visibility areas. An ounce of prevention towards compliance with CAL-OSHA Head Illness Prevention Guidelines.  

  • Easy set-up and storage.  
  • FlaggerJoe Safety Sign System Umbrella 
  • Overall Dimensions:  w: 68″ x d: 68″ x h: 125″ 
  • Carton Weight:  22 lbs.  
  • Rolling Base requires 40 lb sandbag or equivalent.
  • Umbrella detaches for high wind conditions
  • Increases flagger visibility while providing shade and UV protection
  • 18” or 24” Reflective Stop/Slow Signs

Rumble Strips

  • RoadQuake IIF™ Portable Transverse Rumble Strips. Caltrans approved and required on all Caltrans Revised Standard Plan T13 flagging operations where posted speeds are above 45 MPH. No glue, no nails, no adhesive is required for installation. RoadQuake simply conforms to the surface of the road so users can install and remove strips in minutes. Available for purchase and rental.  
  • Rumble strips increase driver’s awareness of changing road conditions


  • The CRIB storage and deployment device – Fully integrated cargo carrier designed for the transport and deployment of rumble strips.
  • Coming Soon! ROAD WARRIOR (Rumble Strip Organization And Deployment Warrior) – Traffic Control trailer with compartments specifically designed for the storage and deployment of rumble strips. Other traffic control devices can also be stored on the trailer including; cones, barricades, sign stands, roll-up signs, generators and lights. Please contact todd@capitolbarricade for more information.

Traffic Control Devices

Barricades (Type I, II & III)

  • Type I, II, and III barricades available in all plastic or wood/steel.  
  • Available for rental or purchase

Pedestrian & Crowd Control Barricades

  • 28” and 18” Reflective and Non-Reflective Traffic Cones.
  • Manufacturers include, JBC, Traffix Devices, and RSM Safety.
  • Any stencil or logo available.
  • Available for Rental and Purchase.
  • Special events, parades, pedestrian detours, crowd control cones


  • Temporary arrow top delineators with 12lb base.  
  • HIP Bands (Amber or White tape). 
  • Tubes available in orange, white and yellow.  
  • Available for Rental and Purchase.

Channelizer Drums

  • Channelizer drums available with HIP or EG reflective Orange and White bands.  
  • 25lb tire collar or 25lb molded rubber base.
  • Glue-Down Channelizers
  • 36” Glue down channelizers available in Orange, White, and Yellow with or without reflective tape with black base.

Pavement markers

  • Permanent and temporary pavement markers.
  • 4” square plastic
    • Type G
    • Type H
    • Type R
    • Type 1-G
    • Type D
    • Type C (Red and Clear)
    • Type BB
    • Type AC
    • Type RR
    • Type B
    • Type GG
    • Type RA
  • Chip seal markers and high heat chip seal markers.
  • Adhesives
  • Butyl Pads, Epoxy, Bituminous, QuickStix, Cement (50 lb. Bags).

Crash Cushions and Attenuators


  • Caltrans and Federally approved TL-3, TL-3.  Equal approval to competitive products like the Absorb 330.  
  • Water filled plastic modules install with no anchors to the road surface.
  • Adjustable transition plates make installation to K-rail, guardrail, and other barriers fast and easy. 

Crash Guard

  • Sand filled crash barrels for all speed/test level ratings.
  • The system is comprised of three components; barrel, lid and insert.  
  • The ONE, universal barrel accommodates all weight requirements 


  • Permanent re-directing, non-gating, bi-directional, self-recovering crash attenuator
  • Ships ready to install decreasing installation and exposure time.
  • Specifically designed to take repeated impacts without the need for additional maintenance, labor or hardware.


  • Truck Mounted attenuator
  • Available as a permanent fixture or trailer models.
  • T-2 and T-3 test level ratings

Roll-up Signs and Stands

Reflective and Mesh Roll Up Signs

  • MUTCD Legends in stock
  • Custom legends available with industry leading lead-time
  • Custom sizes and configurations available
  • Custom overlay configurations available 

Sign Stands

  • Universal sign stands for low-wind, low speed conditions
  • Highway spring stands include: Big Dog, Little Buster, Econo-Buster, Windmaster and more
  • Universal brackets to accommodate any style of back brace

Sign Shop

State-of-the art sign shop with three large format digital printers, plotter, and CNC router

  • Aluminum Signs, Banners, Stickers, Decals, Full Color Graphics, Canvas Prints, Trade Show Displays, Coroplast and Cardboard Signs, Real Estate and Project Signs.
  • Permanent signs and street name signs under full manufactures warranty (up to 10 years).LED Signs by Signal-Tech
  • Blank-Out MUTCD and Custom LED signs
  • Banking, Parking and Way finding
  • Red Storm Parking Space Guidance System and Dynamic Signage
  • Installing distributors located throughout the west coast

Portable Equipment

Portable Changeable Message Boards

  • Full Size, Mini Size, Caltrans approved, 3-Line, Full Matrix, Solar Powered
  • Available for rental and purchase
  • Available with theft-resistant batteries and battery boxes

Arrow Boards

  • Trailer Arrow Boards, 25 Light available for rental and purchase
  • Vehicle Mount arrow boards in-stock. Installation and various configurations available

Speed Trailers

Available for rent and purchase

Temporary Signals

Available for rent and purchase

Fleet Management Software

  • JAM Logic™ allows the user to track mobile equipment using modems and GPS.
  • Track your equipment by location and monitor and change messages from a central or mobile location

Financing Available

Factory Certified Warranty Facility for Ver-Mac, Wanco, Addco

Safety Apparel

Safety Vests (ML Kishigo, 3A Safety)

  • ANSI Class II and Class III available in all sizes – In stock.
  • Class E Pants available in mesh and water resistant styles.

Rain Wear

  • ANSI Class III Parka jackets, Bomber Jackets, Wind Breakers available in all sizes – In stock.
  • Class E Pants rain pants

Hard Hats

  • Full Brim, Baseball style and custom available
  • Hard Hat Accessories (Nape protectors, sun shades)


  • Safety Glasses with built in ear protection
  • Retractable NRR25 PermaPlug earplugs

ADA Compliance

ADA Compliant Barricades

  • Safety Wall and Safety Rail ADA Compliant Barricade
  • Sidewalk closures and pedestrian detours require ADA compliant products to protect and guide the public through and around work zones

Truncated Domes

  • DWT Tough-EZ Tile Installs in 15 minutes after preparing the surface
  • Peel-N-Stick Self-Adhesive
  • Cut to any size for custom applications
  • Sidewalks, shopping centers, hospitals, etc.

Pedestrian Traffic Control Plans and design

Temporary Pedestrian Ramps

  • The BoardWalk Temporary Portable Modular Ramp provides accessible, detectable and safe guidance where pedestrian access routes cross curbs.
  • Modular design allows for any length and design.

Automated Warning and Advisory Devices

Parking Lot Maintenance

Paint and Thermoplastic

  • Waterborne and Low VOC paints in White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black (Caltrans approved)
  • 5 Gallon Buckets and Totes
  • Preformed and bagged thermoplastic

Graco Tips, Filters, Hoses, Cleaning Kits

Parking Lot Supplies

  • Parking Blocks – Concrete and Plastic
  • ADA Signs and Stencils
  • Striping Paint – 5 Gal. and Aerosol
  • UPM ™ Permanent pot-hole repair and pavement maintenance products

Sign Hardware

  • Sign Posts – Round, U-Channel, Square
  • Sign Mounting Hardware – Band-it, Simi Fasteners, Hawkins
  • Truncated Domes
  • Concrete Bags – 50 lbs
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