Traffic Control Signs In Sacramento, CA

Capitol Barricade is one of the leading Sacramento sign design companies because of the high degree of importance with which we regard our job. Traffic control is absolutely essential for all roadside construction projects, work zone projects, and any other event that could result in a traffic accident. Our signs will ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians alike.

We provide all of the signs your project or event might require, all of which are in full compliance with state and federal regulations. Having been in this line of work for over 30 years, we understand just what these projects and events require. You can rely on us to not only provide the equipment you need, but to help you establish traffic control plans as well.

Sacramento Custom Signs & Banners

Looking for something that goes above and beyond the ordinary? We will design it for you! With our Sign Shop’s CNC router, we can create virtually any design or message you might require.

People often look to us to create signs and banners for parties with specific messages, symbols, inside jokes, and anything else. Just let us know what you might need, and we’ll design it and ship it to you in no time.

Temporary Traffic Control Signs

None of us like sitting around in traffic because of roadside construction, but it’s an important part of maintaining and expanding our city’s infrastructure. When these projects are happening, people need the temporary traffic control signs that will ensure the safety of everyone involved. At Capitol Barricade, we provide them.

We have a number of these signs on reserve at our Sign Shop, so that we can get them out to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, if you need custom signs or designs made, we can do so via our CNC router.

Sacramento ADA Signs

If you need signs that are in full compliance with the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), you can rely on us. Our signs are designed to be highly visible both day and night, and can be read through tactile touch as well. We provide:

  • Restroom Signs
  • Fine Signs
  • Handicap Parking Signs
  • Safety Signs
  • Informational Signs
  • Window Inserts
  • Custom ADA Signs

sign design sacramentoWarning Signs

These signs are ideal for alerting drivers to upcoming road changes, or warning them about the environment or likely weather changes.

We offer:

  • Signs that indicate certain traffic conditions
  • Road Width Signs
  • Weather Signs
  • Surface Conditions Signs
  • Intersection Signs
  • Traffic Control Notice Signs

sign design sacramentoRegulatory Signs

We provide the signs you need to alert drivers of specific road requirements and regulations. All of our regulatory signs are designed in conformity with California DOT regulations and ADA regulations, and can be seen easily throughout the entire day and night, keeping drivers alert and informed.

Capitol Barricade provides:

  • Truck Route Signs
  • Truck Speed Limit Signs
  • Weight Limit Signs
  • Road Feature Signs
  • Divided Highway Signs
  • One Way Signs
  • Slow Traffic Signs
  • Passing Signs
  • Lane Control Signs
  • Speed Limit Signs
  • Stop Signs
  • Yielding Signs
  • Parking Signs

And more!

ada signs sacramentoStencils

When you choose Capitol Barricade for your stencils in Sacramento, you can rest assured that you are getting high quality products that you can rely on. We provide stencils that will accommodate any parking lot, work zone, or other area that requires them, including:

  • Striping Stencils
  • Paint Stencils
  • Thermo Stencils

Our stencils can be cut into any shape, design, or style, and with our CNC Router, you can expect them to be designed efficiently and shipped off to you quickly in the time that you need them.

Our Sacramento stencils are designed for order and safety, ensuring that workers, pedestrians, and drivers remain safe and organized.

Arrow board rental Sacramento Why Choose Capitol Barricade?

We are a company with the equipment, products, and people that you can rely on. With so much experience in the traffic control industry, we understand many things the average person doesn’t about Sacramento traffic control signs, safety products, and plans.

We’re dedicated to the safety of everyone involved in areas where traffic control is a requirement. When you choose our products and services, you can have peace of mind knowing your next roadside construction project, work zone project, concert, wedding, or other event will be a safe one.

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