Products for Road Safety In Sacramento

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We often take for granted the safety and security of the roads on which we drive. For most of us, driving is simply second nature, and we commute from one place to another with little regard for the infrastructure and safety measures that make such commutes possible. Without the right products for road safety in Sacramento, or anywhere else, we’d run the risk of serious damage to ourselves and others.

Capitol Barricade provides a number of products to help keep our roads safe. Here are some useful products that we provide that you might not know about.

Sacramento Airport Barricades

road safety sacramentoOur airport barricades are lightweight and easy to set up. These barricades can be used for any number of airport-related requirements, including:

  • Work zone and construction safety
  • Delineating construction areas
  • Directing pilots and travelers away from hazards
  • Closing taxiways and airport runways

Our airport barricades are convenient and easy to place. They are a great alternative to the often cumbersome use of concrete barricades, and give you the advantage of being able to move them and reestablish traffic flow at ease.

We offer:

  • SLED Crash Cushions: Our Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (or SLEDs) are narrow, non-redirective gating crash cushions, and will protect the end of any permanent or temporary barrier shape.
  • CrashGard Sand Barrel Systems: These will protect against minor impacts, are easy to transport, and easy to store. Their material also resists UV light, mitigating color fading over time.
  • Type I, II, & III Barricades: These will satisfy virtually any traffic control requirement you  might have.
  • Pedestrian Barricades: These are comprised of heavy duty galvanized steel, connect with each other easily, and are portable and very durable.
  • SafetyRail ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricades & SafetyWall ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricades: These meet all ADA Guidelines and MUTCD 2009 Edition Standards as both sidewalk closures and longitudinal channelizers.
  • TrafFix Water-Wall Water-filled Barriers: These barricades are durable, temporary crash barriers that can be incorporated into virtually any area for both worker and pedestrian safety.

road safety sacramentoSign Blanks In Sacramento

Although we have our own sign shop in which we can make virtually anything – from standard signs to custom signs – perhaps you have something in mind that you want full control over. You have the perfect message design and structure, but all you need is the sign blank to put it on. Simply contact Capitol Barricade for the sign shape and style you have in mind, and we can provide it.

Our Sacramento sign blanks shapes include:

  • Diamond
  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Circle
  • Octagon

road safety sacramentoSacramento Arrow Board Rentals

We will rent out our arrow boards so that you can rest assured that your work zone, roadside construction project, concert, wedding, or other event has the traffic control it needs. Our arrow boards are mobile, convenient to set up, and function consistently and reliably.

When you rent from Capitol Barricade, we can also help you plan and set up your Sacramento arrow boards, as well as any other traffic control product you are utilizing, in the most ideal and functional way for your project. With us, you are guaranteed both high quality products and expert traffic control planning services.

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